400 Cubic Inch Margarita Mixer

Margarita Mixer on Steroids

Here’s a fun video showing how Don built a Margarita Mixer from a powerful 400 cubic inch engine.

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  1. Don, got to have one! Are you going to build more?
    G man

  2. jimbonsf says:

    Okay, I LOVE this dude!!! You go, buddy! ROFLMAO

  3. How far south are you?

  4. smallblockblender says:

    Check out the official website at smallblockblender . com

  5. bensherman3526 says:

    LOL i luved that machine

  6. v 8 and margaritas !!! hell yeaaa !!!!1

  7. DrRockso99 says:

    lol, awesome

  8. bobbilicious69 says:

    Must admit VERY AWSOME, but you still have to wonder what kind of screwed up society would polute the atmosphere that much for a bloody drink!!!!

  9. zamboni42 says:

    Nice to see that more AMM (amateur margarita machining) enthusiasts are establishing a presence on YouTube. I’m curious what kind of MpM rating you’re getting on the output flow, and whether you went the “whole hog” and installed a proper Zeiss eyepiece on the flow regulator capacitors.

  10. BHunterSEAL says:

    Sweet, another AMM enthusiast. That’s a hell of a mobile ‘rig you got there! Tell me, do you have any plans to integrate an automatic ice reservoir above the mixing chamber?

  11. zamboni42 says:

    @BHunterSEAL I really think he would do much better (MpM-wise) by installing an outbourd quick-freeze core.

  12. It’s the Whole Hog Zeiss flow regulator but with daul hand formed ziggler chromed capacitors. G man

  13. BHunterSEAL says:

    @zamboni42 I agree with you, that would definitely raise mpm by a larger margin, but this is a mobile machine! You’re looking at adding somewhere between 60 and 80 pounds for a decent QFC, whereas you can tack on an ice reservoir and timed insertion mechanism for around a third (or less, if you use primarily plastic) for around a third of that.

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