A Fruit and Spinach Smoothie for Health!

Enjoy the show as Revvell blends up a Green Smoothie from orange juice, strawberries, bananas and baby spinach. The VitaMix blender makes it easy!

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  1. plumevine says:

    Wow Revvel I’ve heard your voice loads of times but now I get to see how rawesome you look! Great video 🙂

  2. Thank you plumevine. We’ll be doing more/better vids soon. I felt as though I was yelling over external noise during this.

  3. so you could pretty much put anything in vitamix, then blend to smooth liquid? (unlike regular blenders, where chunks, or bits remain?) do u sell vitamix?

  4. Pretty much anything. I don’t get chunks and I’ve used lots of frozen fruit. People will use ice as well. I don’t care for it.
    Yes, I am affiliated with VM. I could affiliate with others but I love the VM so, that’s what I promote.

  5. Beezonit says:

    Just made a green smoothie with dandelion, banana, avocado, mixed frozen berries and 2 cups of alkaline water. Delicious!

  6. ophelia99 says:

    love watching you revvell! this is luna99 from rft! can’t wait to see more videos!

  7. makeitso6174 says:

    the bananas don’t have ends lol

  8. Yes, they actually do. The one that attaches to the bunch, then the other end that doesn’t.

  9. shealways says:

    bloody hell i woodnt put my hands anywhere near that vitamix when its on…scary!

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