Does drinking Meal Replacement Shakes help you lose weight?

Meal Replacement Shake

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I have been drinking these meal replacement shakes for a few days now. I drink one for breakfast and one for lunch. I really don’t snack, if I do its either crackers or a spinach salad something healthy, and for dinner I usually eat these Campbell’s low fat low calorie soups. and i do exercise an hour everyday. But just want to know if they help. They have all the necessary vitamins and protein and all that good stuff.

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Smoothie Recipes With Greek Yogurt

Smoothie Recipes With Greek YogurtThe extra thick texture of Greek Yogurt means that when you make smoothie recipes with Greek Yogurt, you can substitute the yogurt for other, sweeter, thickeners such as ice cream.

Greek Yogurt contains about twice the protein as regular yogurt. The added protein makes you feel fuller for longer, helping you reduce the intake of other, less healthy, calories.

Some additional benefits of smoothie recipes with Greek Yogurt are the Vitamin D and Calcium that the yogurt contains. The US population, as a whole, is deficient in both Vitamin D and Calcium.

In this video, Registered Dietitian Tara Todd and Executive Chef Robert Grotha with St. Louis Children’s Hospital share their version of a smoothie recipe made with Greek Yogurt. The smoothie they make is blended differently than most I’ve seen, actually appearing to be more of a soft frozen yogurt than a typical smoothie.

But, I’ll be darned! It sure looks delicious!

One of the More Unique Smoothie Recipes with Greek Yogurt

This smoothie recipe doesn’t provide the measurements or ingredients, but it looks like about a cup of Greek Yogurt with a handful (maybe 1/4 cup) each of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. The chef mixes the smoothie with a spatula instead of mixing the smoothie in a blender. I’d prefer the blender to infuse the fruit flavor into the yogurt more fully.

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If you are really hoping to find the real waffle cones, here are the best I could locate:

More on Smoothie Recipes with Greek Yogurt

Ciobani, one of the more popular brands of Greek Yogurt, is made just an hour or so from here. If you are going to make any smoothie recipes with Greek Yogurt, theirs is the brand I’d recommend. Ciobani’s manufacturing process provides several benefits.

· Only natural ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial flavors.
· Free of synthetic growth hormones: No rBST-treated milk.
· Includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
· Made with real fruit.
· Twice the protein of regular yogurts.
· A good source of bone-building calcium.
· Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
· Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

It takes three pounds of milk to make one pound of Ciobani Yogurt.

Enjoy this and other great smoothie recipes with Greek Yogurt.

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Smoothie Maker versus Food Processor?

smoothie maker

Can a Smoothie Maker Work as a Food Processor?

We have a Back to Basics Smoothie Elite smoothie maker sitting in the back of a cupboard unused. I never make smoothies, but I’m about fed up with my ancient blender and was wondering if the smoothie maker would work for processing food?

It’s supposed to be able to crush ice, so presumably it’s pretty heavy duty.

Will this smoothie maker process food?

Smoothie Maker Won’t Work

There are several reasons why this won’t work well for you:

  • The base of a smoothie machine is too small, so food will not drop to the blades well
  • A food processor doesn’t liquefy foods, but a smoothie machine does
  • There is a spout on a smoothie machine that will clog with food

Even though the two machines seem like they could perform similar tasks, they are too different from each other to work interchangeably.  That doesn’t mean you can never substitute the Smoothie Elite.  For example, chopping chives or other small herbs would likely work well in either.

Part of the reason for thinking the Back to Basics machine might work is the ice example.  But ice should only be added to a blender one cube at a time, and after a liquid base has been blended.  Filling a smoothie maker with ice and trying to blend it won’t work well.

So, unfortunately, it looks like you need to replace that food processor.

Recommended Smoothie Maker Machines


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Does anyone have recipes for fun and cool summer vodka drinks?

Does anyone have any recipes for a fun and cool summer vodka drink?

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Fruit Juice Smoothie Require a Juicer?

fruit juice smoothieDo You Need a Juicer to Make a Fruit Juice Smoothie?

I want to get in the habit of making my own fruit juice smoothie at home but I don’t have a juicer nor do I know anything about purchasing one.   Is there any way to make a fruit juice smoothie without a juicer?

A Fruit Juice Smoothie Doesn’t Need a Juicer

The answer to this one is simple.  No.

You can use a juicer to make juice, especially specialty juices.  Think things like carrot juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, etc.  Juicers do a great job of extracting the juice from what might otherwise be considered “non-juicy” vegetables.

But if you are looking to make a Fruit Juice Smoothie, all you need is:

  • Fruit juice — you can use canned, frozen, or fresh squeezed
  • A base — normally ice cream, yogurt, frozen bananas, or frozen yogurt
  • Ice cubes — alternatively, you could freeze the fruit juice into cubes

Blend the ingredients in a blender, and you should be good to go!

Recommended Fruit Juice Smoothie Products


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Can I make a smoothie with only frozen strawberries & skim milk?

I am looking for some healthy and quick, as well as easy ways to make smoothies for breakfast. Can I make them with just frozen fruits and skim milk, or do I have to add ice, yogurt and/or other ingredients? Thanks

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How Do I Make A Healthy Fruit Smoothie With No Bananas?

healthy fruit smoothie

Just want to know how to make a good fruit smoothie. One request, NO BANANA, it makes me sick!

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How to Make a Raw Green Smoothie

A Raw Green Smoothie isn’t up to everyone’s taste.  These drinks can have a strong taste that many people find objectionable.  That said, they can be great for your health, low in calories, and the taste can be , well, ‘acquired’.  Why not try a raw green smoothie today?

Raw Green Smoothie Video

Wow! This guy really means it when he says RAW!!!

Starts with a stroll through the yard (good thing the dog didn’t get there first). Fresh is what it is all about. Watch and enjoy!

raw green smoothie

Blending Fresh Greens

What Goes Into a Raw Green Smoothie?

While this guy wanders around plucking fresh grass and mixing it with pure water and a bit of honey, there are probably healthier and tastier raw green smoothies to be had.

Grass is very hard to digest, even when well blended.  Try using ingredients such as kale, spinach, broccoli, and wheat grass for the greens.  Raw coconut milk, almond milk, or organic banana might make a better liquid than the water is.  The raw honey is a great and common addition to help sweeten the smoothie.

Play around with various combinations and you’ll find a way to make a raw green smoothie that suits your taste.

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What are the differences between a Blender and a Smoothie Maker?

Currently I have a regular blender, a dry spice grinder and a hand blender….

Do I really need a smoothie maker?

I plan to blend some serious smoothies….should I go for it?

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Share Your Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Photo of Three SmoothiesEveryone has one! Please share your favorite Smoothie Recipe below.

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