Making a Yummy Berry Smoothie in Two Minutes

Quickie Single-Serving Berry Smoothie

In this short video, the presenter makes a Berry Smoothie in a single-serving blender. With the simple berry smoothie recipe he follows, you start with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.

But There Must be Berries in a Berry Smoothie!

And, of course, this is no exception. Ripe, fresh, yummy looking fruit gets added. Fresh strawberries, cut in half. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries top it off.

Now, add some milk and an ice cube or two.

Berry Smoothie

Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream

A Single-Serve Blender is Perfect for This Berry Smoothie

It is hard to make a one-serving berry smoothie in a large blender. Too much stuff sticks to the sides, meaning you get less smoothie for the buck. A small blender like the one shown will work well in this case.

One great thing about a small berry smoothie like this one is that the fruit isn’t frozen, and the main thickener is ice cream instead of ice. Both the soft fruit and the soft ice cream allow a small blender to do a good job. If more ice were used, the machine would probably be too weak to chop it and blend it well.

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  1. cosbysweata says:

    whats the first thing he put in?

  2. AwesomeSmoothie says:

    since u put ice cream in that means it’s a milkshake

  3. u made a milkshake

  4. can I have some please

  5. i want some

  6. playboybunn1 says:

    can i have some please

  7. MK1999999 says:

    lol no moo milk i agree i putpowerade in mines >.> n it turn out yummy to my guest lol

    no lie

  8. u need better music….

  9. nillyluvsdnx3 says:

    Hatethemusic. Sorry .

  10. krizla4 says:

    dude, gotto love the dancehall-blender-style 🙂

  11. stephiereal says:

    ice cream i think it sure did look like butter lol

  12. LadyMoon12 says:

    yeah he is right you nade a milkshake but stil.. nice job :p

  13. linkexa says:

    ya that is a milkshake..

  14. mksoldier says:

    wat type of blender was that. its so good

  15. BladeAssault says:

    seriously, im afraid if i put ice in my blender it might explode or something.

  16. DarkEevee389 says:

    lol dude, it wont explode… i did it tons of times (my blenders old)

  17. candyuniverse3000 says:

    What is that blender called??

  18. shotty2222 says:

    is that butter that you put in or ice cream?

  19. Compasss says:

    that blender is freaking awesomes!

  20. thats a milkshake not a smo0thie

  21. hasterellik says:

    @shotty2222 i think yogurt

  22. MrSuperDuperAnthony says:

    2 minutes to make…10 minutes to clean the blender

  23. Thetom5000 says:

    fruit smoke don’t breath this

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