Best Protein Shake to Get Just to Build Muscle?

best protein shakeI want to get a good well known protein shake. But I don’t want to lose weight because I’m pretty thin already. I just want to tone my body and get a bit of muscle added as well.

Best Protein Shake Feedback:

Show your opinion in the comments below.  What is the best protein shake in your mind?

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  1. Whey protein is just protein, it won’t magically make you build muscle overnight, you need to really work hard with weights to do that.

    I don’t recommend using whey protein from highstreet stores, etc. they are often full of additives.
    I buy mine from and it contains no additives, just pure whey protein;

    Always read the ingredients and make sure it doesn’t contain additivies.

  2. you can’t just drink a protein shake and sit on your ass while your muscles magically grow. a protein shake is a supplement, meaning you take it and work out as well, and it makes your workouts better. if you want a fantastic protein shake, (and you combine it with working out) get Whey Protein, NO Black Powder, or Animal Stak.

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