Bloody Mary — Everyone’s Favorite Eye Opener?

The Mighty Bloody Mary

We’ve all been there.

A bit too much to drink the night before, and your head is humming a sad tune, but you have to get going again. What is one of the most popular “cures” for the common hangover?

A Bloody Mary surely must land near the top of the list! Start with a healthy dose of tomato juice to settle the stomach. Add some pepper, celery seed, Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce to spice it up (I like to add some horseradish, too). Pour in a heaping portion of the hair of the dog that bit you (vodka), and finish with a celery stalk.

If that dog bit you extra hard, just leave out the vodka for a Virgin Mary. And if you want to make it fast, use the Bloody Mary mix below.


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  1. irishchaos says:

    I like how he adds pepper but doesn’t mention it verbally! Pay attention, bartender.

  2. browndog36 says:

    im pretty sure he does but the sound just cut out at that time

  3. damn delicious 😀 but you can also rim the glass with the celery salt instead, for the lasting taste.

  4. bournstar69 says:

    Oh the classic. Love the way he says ‘worcesterSHIRE’ sauce hahaha.

  5. CarmaCreme says:

    I’m quite surprised he rolled the drink instead of shaking. That’s the proper way. Still, he used a very wrong glass. That one doesn’t take ice. Oh, so close.

  6. hyunwoo828 says:

    Looks great, but not a big fan of tomato juice. I overshot the tabasco once and really screwed myself over.

  7. sugarbabiesdaddy says:

    im not a fan of tomato juice either…but can you explain what the bloody mary tastes like?

  8. hyunwoo828 says:

    The best explanation I can give is, cold tomato soup with a bit of an alcohol aftertaste.

  9. MustaineV says:

    I’d say it’s too unique to describe. Cuz even though Hyunwoo828 got really close, the fact that the tomatoe juice used is raw makes it “poppier”. It’s a really good drink but i’d suggest using only half the vodka amount in the recipe on your first time trying it.

  10. MustaineV says:

    You obviously don’t know your sauces.

  11. fattirevsbud says:

    haha i totally agree this guy has poured half the glass full of vodka 🙂 he must be working in a great bar, expensive and stuff cause the dose is HUGE

    pour only 2OZ (a shot glass)of vodka kids

  12. perdition07 says:

    Americans forgot how to pronounce things on the long journey to the new land.

  13. Why would anyone drink that??? It sounds awful!!!!

  14. try it…it’s nice!

  15. Mrmastermodesty says:

    this is half of a real bloddy mary!

  16. What’s with the stupid little spin he does on the mixer?

  17. mygoatisdead says:

    This is my FAVORITE drink. it’s the only drink that’s nearly a meal. I’d add everything the bartender added in the video, but also some old bay seasoning, and a tiger cocktail shrimp hanging on the edge of the glass.

  18. that looks spicy

  19. Koolor1556 says:

    Hellen Keller has better communication skills then this guy

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