Can I Make My Fruit Smoothie in My Food Processor?

food processorI want to make a smoothie with ice, frozen fruit, and yogurt, but I only have a food processor. Can I do that with a processor, since I don’t have a blender? Or will it not work?

Have You Made a Smoothie in a Food Processor?

Normally, fruit smoothies are made in a blender. I’ve never tried it any other way. If you have used a processor to make a fruit smoothie before, successful or not, I’d love your feedback!

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  1. It might work but the container is very large for one smoothie and unless you crush the ice first you may damage the container and/or the blades. I have a Braun food processor and it comes with a smaller separate jug made of heavy glass (as blenders are made of) and two different blades, one for crushing ice & one for nuts. It you have that it will work. I would use not my large bowl/container and the finer blades for it.

  2. upallniteowl says:

    yes it will work just great!

  3. new_wisdominteresting says:

    i think it might work. i’ve always wondered the opposite though(could i use my blender as a food processor? i think i could, right?!) add about a tablespoon of sugar too…that’s how i like them. oh, and with whip cream

  4. salmonbellies16 says:

    sure can . best thing you can try different combos for for variety . also frsh flavour . more healthy and one heck of a lot cheaper . make 1/2 gallon at a time . good luck , change to play mad scientst with flavours . one tip from experiance . make sure lid is on tight . got dawg cleanup easier than should have been .

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