Can I substitute clear Rum for Vodka in bucket drinks?

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I bought the Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Twist frozen drink mixes from Target, and I was wondering if rum would be an ok substitute in these drinks or if I should just spend the money on a new bottle of Vodka. We don’t really drink Vodka at my house, EVER. lol. So I would rather just use what I have or buy more rum if needed. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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  1. It all comes down to a matter of taste…if it tastes good to you then yes, by all means use rum.
    If you have silver (clear/colorless) it would be best for the peppermint because it will be less likely to interfere/clash with the peppermint flavor.
    As for the gingerbread…it could be right tasty with a dark rum, though any would work just fine.

  2. No it’ll taste weird. Buy cheap vodka for the mixes.

  3. I cant see why not, Rum has a smother taste that Vodka and I think personally That I would prefer rum in it rather than Vodka. Mixer Up Happy Drinking

  4. I also have those drink mixes and finally got some vodka. But I lost the directions. Does anybody know how to make these?

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