Can I use fresh cranberries in Cranberry Margaritas?

cranberry margaritasMy recipe for Cranberry Margaritas says to use frozen cranberries, but I couldn’t find any and had to buy the fresh ones. Does anyone know how I should prep them before I use them in the blender for Margaritas? I’m making these for Thanksgiving, so need an answer ASAP! Thanks!

Do You Have a Great Recipe for Cranberry Margaritas?

If you have any great Cranberry Margaritas Recipes to show, please add them to the comments below.

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  1. ihavethat45 says:

    If you cook them down, I heard on Martha Stewart yesterday, don’t bring it to a fast bowl, or else they’ll pop too fast – and your ceiling will get splattered ;~) Honestly, that’s what she said ~hee~! That almost scared me from ever wanting to cook cranberries! But I suppose if you watch the pot carefully you’ll be fine.

    I just wanted to throw this bit of advice in so you don’ have a mess. It sounds delicious ~ I’m going to search for the recipe to make them for myself, the day after Thanksgiving!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. frozen sweetened cranberries or just plain fozen? If its the formeer, you can boil the cranberries with a bit of sugar to give them a sweet taste that the recipe calls for. If the latter, then you can use fresh as is. Also make a small batch and taste. Adjust if necessary.

  3. My fresh ones say you can just throw them, as is, in the freezer. So I don’t think they cook them first, but they may throw in a little sugar. I d just freeze them and follow the recipie. add a little sugar to taste, if you like threm a little sweet. I’m sure if you make them like I would, NO ONE WOULD CARE ABOUT THE TASTE AFTER THE FIRST ONE…..LOL
    good luck!!!

  4. Add LOTS of sugar. Fresh cranberries are super-tart, and you’ll probably want to cook them down on the stove for a bit wtih the sugar as well to soften them and reduce the tartness.

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