Can I use my food processor to make a smoothie?

I used to have a blender to make protein shake but its trash now. Is it ok to use food processor to make a smoothie?

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  1. A food processor does an OK job of letting you make a smoothie with one exception — crushing the ice. The blades on a food processor are made for chopping food, not ice.

    Here are a few reasons for buying a good blender to make smoothies, instead of using your food processor:

    1. The blades of a food processor can get damaged by ice. They aren’t built for crushing ice, while blender blades are.

    2. The plastic container on the food processor are easily scratched by ice, making it hard to clean.

    3. The noise produced by a food processor is intolerable.

    4. Liquids blended in a food processor tend to fly out of the processor, while blenders are made for mixing liquids.

    I hope this helps the next time you make a smoothie.

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