Cheerwine Slushie – Liquid Nitrogen Chronicles

“Hey, pour some Cheerwine in there!” — More classic words could never be spoken. I’m not sure if this is a good use of either wine or liquid nitrogen, but it is fun to watch! And it looks like it makes a pretty good slushie!

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  1. isnt that toxic?

  2. omgyouresexy says:

    Not at all 🙂 It’s just nitrogen, which makes up a majority of the air that we breathe. Now, if we dont use it in a well ventilated area, the lack of oxygen could be harmful, but as long as you have ample space, you should be fine. The liquid is very cold, so you have to watch out for that, too.

  3. Cool stuff. You should try a bowl of ice cream mix + LN2, stir it up and you have instant ice cream.

  4. omgyouresexy says:

    We did that at a party later that week using a custard base. It was pretty good. I didnt post the video though.

  5. Chadillac890 says:

    What the heck is wrong with you assholes? use a drink like Coke or Pepsi. No one likes those. Why waste perfectly good Cheerwine? Cool trick though.

  6. DireCry says:

    Oh wow, I’m gonna try that.

  7. Phaladone says:

    I wish there was Cheerwine in Maryland… Where’d you get the Liquid Nitrogen? Can you just go out and buy it?

  8. KFCisallisee says:

    Which one is the emo?

  9. why…

    Cheerwine is so good.

    We dont have it in Florida.

    …is that Harry Potter?

  10. Lutheridgebabe10 says:

    Yay Cheerwine. I am soo glad that I live in NC

  11. jurky1014 says:

    that’s one of the things i miss about NC, fuckin cheerwine, and Waffle House…and Sonic…we don’t have any of those in hawaii….

  12. kblader101293 says:

    what a horrible waste of the best drink in the world! how dare you! HOW DARE YOU !!!!

  13. PreppiChick8 says:

    Cheerwine Owns. Thank god I live in NC

  14. man, Cheerwine was sold in Norway for like six months… i miss it so! 🙁

  15. omgyouresexy says:

    Really? That’s kinda cool (that it was sold there). It’s local here, sold mostly in the area around where I live. People up in the northeast and out west haven’t heard about it, but someone in Norway drinking it. That’s cool.

  16. PerogiXW says:

    Man I love Cheerwine. That’s why I love NC.

  17. zekesmith says:

    Cheerwine is awesome. I guess VA is close enough to NC to have it.

  18. CawWrestlingCWF says:


  19. CawWrestlingCWF says:

    i love in north carolina, to me, cheerwine is like a secondary religion, i worship the stough (i always spell stuff like that unless im typing an explenation)

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