Chocolate Martini Video Recipe

Chocolate Martini Ingredients:

  • 1-1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
  • 1-1/2 oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1/2 oz. Dark Creme de Cocao
  • Chocolate Syrup

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  1. I want one of these right now. Delicious.

  2. AlanGermz says:

    This is a light drink.
    I drink that for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    NeSqUiCk FTW!

  3. I don’t care what kind of martini it is. You have to chill the glass.


    Cool River Cafe in Austin, Texas. You are right…its supposed to be a martini not chocolate milk!

  5. jrjr143 says:

    your my hero

  6. jrjr143 says:

    omg so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahhah

  7. stevechu1999 says:

    sheesh are you supposed to squirt chocolate syrup on the outside of the glass too?

  8. whatsmyproblem69 says:

    I know how to freepour, and he’s not putting in the amount of liquer that he says he is. He’s putting in more.
    2 oz vanilla vodka, 2 oz white chololate liquor, 3/4 oz cream de caoco. And he’s doing this because a martini that’s only 3.5 oz is a bit small and can make you look cheap. This makes is 4.75 oz. A much nicer size.

  9. jackjockk says:

    Mmm Everyone knows you have to shake grabbing the boston in a vertical position, not horizontal, you do this to avoid spreading the mix into a costumer….so much lack of profesionalism…. i saw another video of this guy and he used the glass as an ice scoop….bad bad bad…

  10. Ghost0728 says:

    He’s not serving it to anyone, so he’s just speedin that shit up.

  11. why doesnt this guy EVER chill his glass while hes making a martini?

  12. alexiscomposer says:

    he’s puting to much chocolate in to the glass,that’s not good coz you won’t feel the alcohol.

    No Gin, No Vermouth.
    It’s served in a martini glass, so what?
    Doesn’t deserve to be called a martini.

  14. Martinis get either Vodka or gin usually Vodka.. And Flavored martinis NEVER get vermouth.. Learn how to make a drink before you talk shit

  15. Learn the ORIGINS of drinks.
    The REAL way to make a Martini (what the gangsters drank back in the 30’s) is GIN+VERMOUTH only.
    Recently people started using Vodka since they’re pussies but all that makes is high-alcohol vermouth, no juniper.
    And then idiots like you think it’s okay to call any drink served in a cocktail glass a “martini” but it has NONE of the original components.
    “Usually vodka” lmao, you’re such an idiot.
    I hope you die.

  16. lol calm down. its just a a damn drink. I wasnt talking about how they made martinis back in the day. because yes i know it was just gin. but now most people want vodka. thats just the way it is man i dont know why it changed but it did. Its not the 30’s no more get over it… and dude wtf is up with the I hope you die- its a damn drink thats all its uncalled for.. now go make yourself your gin martini get drink and be happy ok lol….

  17. Thunderbirdgibson87 says:

    couldn’t you also use kalula

  18. ec116394 says:

    hahahhahhaha whats with the ” I hope you die” hahahha and i believe, one of the reasons they used to use vermouth and now they dont is because back then, the alcohol didn’t use to be as clean ( or whatever the term is) and vermouth was a strong alcohol …. but that doesnt matter…. i actually tried different martinis, and dry or dirty maritinis are the worst tasting one… like we dont have to be 30s gangstas to drink martini!!

  19. BakiliTempest says:

    @BigC954 How about you learn a little about cocktails before opening your mouth. Martinis are usually Gin NOT Vodka. The traditional martini is gin, this james bond shit is where the vodka came from. Again Gin NOT Vodka is the standard and the most served.

  20. Leguankotze says:

    you want fries with that?

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