Cinderella Meal Replacement Drink

Here’s a video of some Cinderella dude making a Meal Replacement Shake from scratch. Well, at least from individual ingredients. I’m not so sure that 600 calories would fit my diet, but I’m old and out of shape. Seems to work pretty well for him!


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  1. spikedsteel says:

    Thanks man nice video.
    Just about the same as I make but I don’t have the oils and use about three times the peanut butter.

  2. I actually ran out of oil and can’t be bothered using it now so I’m like you and have more peanut butter.. quality shake, especially for the hard gainer! 😀

  3. bryan9879 says:

    this is good wala i even trow in some vit c flaxs oil and six egg whites 2yolkies

  4. walamob says:

    If yor’re putting in 6 egg whites and 2 yolks, there no need for the whey, you’re not putting whey in as well are you? the most protein a body can process at one time is upto 50grams (depends on the size of the person) anything more is a waste and will be converted to fat and store or will just pass through you! 🙂

  5. I’m glad you can, go make a better one then 🙂

  6. great vid tnx bro

  7. xenialover says:

    You know when they say aim to eat 5 to 6 meals a day, is it a good idea the way i’m doing it? What i do is i have about 3 meals in liquid form. I make a protein shake just like the one in this video and the other 2 or 3 meals as solid meals. Alot of my friends do this and they all made good gains, of course they also train their butts off.

  8. california65 says:

    Strawberries & Cream Protein Shake

  9. I’d say 5-6 is good & at least 3 – 4 of them should be real food, not protein/weight gainer shakes.

    The shake above I guess can be counted as real food as you could eat the oats as porridge, eat the banana, eat the peanut butter. only the whey is ‘not solid food’. but get at least 3 meals in where your eating some type of meat, veggies, pasta, rice etc and 2-3 shakes to make up the rest.

    The main aim is to eat as much ‘real’ food as you can & then ‘supplement’ the rest with protein shakes

  10. alexfarafrica says:

    :))) i realy laugh when you spel some protein powder great vid 😉

  11. good to see your Everton mug mate! Cmon the toffees! Bluenoses rule! Good shake too.

  12. Nice one lad lol

  13. MAMAESCO1 says:

    lol like the vid lol music is the boom lol

  14. yo bro how much calorie, protein, carbs does this recipe has?!?!?

  15. PhaiLYoOr4LyF3 says:

    I still wanna know this

  16. dsunshinelives says:

    let me tell u u dont have to add all of these elements to your shake, peanut butter, omega just buy sea moss, it has 92 of the minerals we need on a daily basis. seamoss cleanses the body nourishes the body and cleans the lungs no colds when u have a sea moss shake . just put 2 spoons in a blender add soy milk or almonds and a fruit and u get all the protein, vitamins and minerals and it has a lot of iron in it and helps with a womans cycle. no cramps with sea moss.

  17. Moodeyah says:

    like its

    bye the way your so funny 😉

  18. 68showngo says:

    you should try milk instead of water… tastes way better!

  19. TheIdontknowman says:

    dude what is the difference between make replacxment drink and protien shake?

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