Coconut Mango Spinach Green Smoothie

Coconut Mango Spinach Green Smoothie

1 Mango
1/2 c water
1 cup baby spinach
1 tsp cold pressed coconut oil

Peel mango, add ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.

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  1. ChrysalisBound says:

    ~* I just started adding some greens to my morning fruit smoothie 4 days ago ~two leaves of red swiss chard. I’ll definitely be adding some spinach to up the greens quotient and i’m so curious to see what it tastes like. The chard ~it has a flavour πŸ™‚ However, i actually started to rather like it by day 3. My taste buds are definitely evolving!!

  2. RawRadiantHealth says:

    Swiss chard is definitely strong!! Spinach is super mild, sweet even, perfect for any smoothie and you won’t taste it!!! kale is also good too!

  3. this looks really good!

  4. RawRadiantHealth says:

    super yum!!

  5. alisonhickeyxoxo says:

    could you use ice instead of water? or no?

  6. RawRadiantHealth says:


  7. Avrilxxxmac says:

    I also love using baby spinach in raw juices. I’ve never added cold pressed coconut oil. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks, Natasha.

  8. Avrilxxxmac says:

    I’m making this tomorrow! Can’t wait!!

  9. guitarlovenjc says:

    Could I use a piece or two of the coconut meat rather than the oil?

  10. sainifabulous says:

    where can i buy organic cocunut oil?

  11. shockingalternative says:

    i’m so excited to try this. you’re a inspiration to starting a healthier life journey for myself and my toddler. πŸ™‚

  12. DrSeptember says:

    The vast majority of calories in that smoothie comes from fat.

  13. ohgoodtea says:

    What do you need that stove for?

  14. LoveSaraJade says:

    @DrSeptember so?? Not all fat is bad for you.

  15. DrSeptember says:

    @LoveSaraJade ItΒ΄s all good, but I would consider it more of a premium smoothie.

  16. mienchen07 says:

    I’m so gonna try this out, thank you Natasha!!

  17. 000piper000 says:

    by the way, consider saving some time and leaving the mango skin on. It tastes fine, and is not tough. I always just chew it up when eating mangos. As always, many minerals and vitamins are found in the skin

  18. personalities9 says:

    Nice smoothie. Not too many ingredients and blended pretty fast. Here’s a tip …. Do yourself a favor and Get a Job ? = )

  19. niwdestan says:

    @sainifabulous you can get organic coconut oil at

  20. Could you use Papaya instead of Mango?

  21. hmm…looks yummy. I love mangoes, spinach and coconut oil , and together this must taste really good.

  22. I’m just wondering, what do you do if you go out with people for dinner or something? Do you not eat or if you do, how do you figure out what to order without breaking the raw diet?

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