Cold Cooking a Perfect Frozen Margarita

Cold Cooking a Perfect Frozen Margarita in Your Freezer

Pretty much everyone loves the taste of a Perfect Frozen Margarita. With the onslaught of mixes, powders, and tubs you can use for making a margarita, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular drinks around.

So how do you “cold cook” your perfect frozen margarita? Think of it like a slow cooker, only you “bake” your margarita in the freezer.

Perfect Frozen Margarita

Care for a Margarita?

Ingredients for a Perfect Frozen Margarita

The ingredients for this margarita include:

  • Can of Frozen Lime Concentrate
  • 12 ounces of Tequila
  • 8 ounces Triple Sec
  • 16 ounces of Sprite
  • 24 ounces Cold Water
  • A 1-gallon plastic bucket
  • 24 hours (more or less)

The Cold Cooking Process

Blending the mix is simple enough.  Pour all the liquid ingredients into a bucket, and then stir.  That’s done!

Cover the bucket with a lid or plastic wrap, and place it into your freezer to cook.  After 10-12 hours, you’ll want to open the top and stir the mix.  Let it set for about 24 hours total before serving.

The Magic of this Perfect Frozen Margarita

The magic in this recipe is the alcohol.  It keeps the mix from freezing solidly, much like anti-freeze does in your car radiator.  Stirring the mix ensures the alcohol is blended well with the ingredients that do freeze.

The Sprite, water and lime concentrate will all freeze.  But because these liquids are blended with the alcohol, they freeze in small particles rather than a solid block.  These frozen particles form a thick slush — the perfect consistency for a frozen margarita.

It’s best to enjoy a frozen margarita in a special margarita glass like that in the photo above.  The long stem allows you to hold the glass without transferring much of the cold to your hand and without melting the drink.

True margarita enthusiasts like to rim the glass with lime, and then dip the wet rim in salt before pouring the drink.  The choice is yours.

To learn more about making other types of margaritas, including other Perfect Frozen Margarita recipes, visit the other pages in this site.

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  1. photogardener says:

    ok this sure sounds like Retavill
    all I need is a bucket size
    would a gallon work ?

  2. rangerider23 says:

    Yep; I think so. A gallon would fine for you!

  3. blarney123456 says:

    got a big party coming up…gonna try a double batch, but what can I use instead of beer if it gets too frozen? And what happens if it freezes too hard before my party?

  4. rangerider23 says:

    Remember that alcohol is what keeps it from freezing into a block of ice. You can use either beer, or you can add more tequila. Just keep stirring it from time to time (every three or four hours during the daytime) so that the alcohol is mixed thoroughly throughout. Another option is to remove it from the freezer a couple of hours before you start serving it. And stir from time to time. Don’t let it all melt by standing out on the counter. Learn by doing, and having fun.

    Range Rider

  5. legion0101 says:

    great video..i made it just they way you said…stirred it after 12…didnt get too frozen..just right.

    my date loved the ritas..too much…i got laid without even being my charming self. Thanks Ranger Rider for initiating the Perfect Frozen Margarita Society.

  6. blarney123456 says:

    THANKS Rangerider!! This worked out perfectly! Loved it, loved it, loved it! Tried the same idea making hard lemonade and also making daquiris.

  7. rangerider23 says:

    Blarney and Legion,

    This is great news; good for you both!

    I adapted my method from my granny’s way of fixing frozen daiquiris of about 40 years ago when we use to listen to the Darryl Royal show on the radio.

    I figured it ought to work with tequila, and sure enough, the perfect frozen margarita society was born!

    Thanks for your posts.

    Range Rider

  8. this guy makes me LOL

  9. rangerider23 says:

    Enjoy a good laugh, valorforge. If’n you follow my method for cold cooking a perfect frozen margarita, you will join me in grinning out loud!

    Range Rider

  10. That was hilarious! Shucks.

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