Do you know why they put salt around the glass for margaritas?

Why do they put salt around the glass for margaritas?? If you drink it throw a straw?

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  1. STRAW? only frozen margarita are serve w/ straw. when u order a straight up no need for the straw coz your going to lick the salt b4 drinking the margarita. why do we put salt on margarita bcoz its tequila…tequila standard shot has a lime and salt…ok?

  2. They have tequilla in them and most people lick the salt before taking a drink. Best wishes

  3. you don’t drink it through a straw haha where’ve you been getting your margaritas

  4. its the conbiination of the lime ,salt and the tequila that works
    so cheers!

  5. the straw is optional, the salt adds that extra zing into the drink.

  6. averyhogs68 says:

    the salt is for flavor

  7. angieasee64 says:

    Salt for flavour, straw for stirring!

  8. beansandlace says:

    The salt is around the rim for presentation purposes and the salt balances out the tequila and sweet and sour mix. If you ever order a margarita without salt make sure you still order the lime juice around the rim. The lime juice is what makes the salt stick and without lime or lime juice the margarita tastes flat and is uninteresting.

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