Do You Remember the Milkshake in a Carton?

milkshake in a cartonMilkshake in a Carton?

OK.  So when I was a kid, there were these little milkshake in a carton things, that came in a milk carton. And it was really good, but they don’t sell them anymore. The vanilla milkshake was in a blue carton. And the chocolate milkshake was in a brown carton. I would love any information, like the brand, or like a website. Thank you so much.

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  1. sorry they dont have it anymore. now, you would have to buy it in mcdonalds,wendys,dennys,ruby tuesday,etc.

    hope this helps .

  2. xpatd_fanaticx says:

    macdonalds sell those i think.

  3. Totally know what your talking about, they were called super thick shakes or something, they came in a three pack. And they left extra room in the carton so you could shake ’em and make them… well super thick. My co-worker was reminded me of them today and how he kind find any evidence of their existence, so now me and my lil brother are searching… and this comment is the only proof, unfortunately. My coworker thinks they were made by Hershey… idk.

  4. Danielle says:

    I think I found it. Lactantia the images on google looks like it could be.

  5. xunseenx says:

    i remember these and used to drink them all of the time as a kid. mid 80s or so. i remember buying the chocolate ones all of the time at shop n save. they were called shake a shakes! i tried looking them up, couldn’t find any info.

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