Does drinking Meal Replacement Shakes help you lose weight?

Meal Replacement Shake

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I have been drinking these meal replacement shakes for a few days now. I drink one for breakfast and one for lunch. I really don’t snack, if I do its either crackers or a spinach salad something healthy, and for dinner I usually eat these Campbell’s low fat low calorie soups. and i do exercise an hour everyday. But just want to know if they help. They have all the necessary vitamins and protein and all that good stuff.

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  1. KittenLover09 says:

    I think short term they do help (i have used slim fast), but in the long term they really don’t. First off, you’re going to get so sick of them that you may binge. and even if you dont, it’s not realistic to think that you will be able to eat them your whole life. I would recommend transitioning to other low calorie options that are more realistic as part of a diet, like some kashi cereal with nonfat milk in the morning, and tuna or turkey sandwhiches on whole grain bread for lunch.

  2. says:

    if you do a liquid diet you need to make your own shakes and have 25-30g of protein and carbs in them. But don’t do a liquid diet as you will just gain it back afterwards. Just have 5 small meals, one of them being a shake. Eat right and just exercise regularly(3 times a week). Eat organic natural fruits too, and lean meats. Good luck!

  3. biancabee says:

    Yes, you will lose weight on them. I usually only do it at the beginning of starting a workout plan so that my stomach will shrink, but you should not rely on that only. I had very low energy and headaches as well.

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