For Weight Training, When Do I Drink a Protein Shake?

I’m currently strength training and I have a question, when am I supposed to drink the protein shake? after or before I workout? by the way do you have any tips on how to maximize results and increase muscle mass faster? Thanks.

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  1. The research I’ve done indicates that you should take a protein shake either before or after a workout. What the research seems to lack is a consensus one which is better — before or after.

    That tells me that it probably doesn’t matter that much when you drink a protein shake, so long as you drink a protein shake around the time of your workout. So do what feels best for you. I don’t like working out on a full stomach, so I drink my protein shake afterward.

    To build muscle mass quickly, you need to work with heavy weights, but not so heavy that you can’t control them safely. Work out hard on the negatives. On a bench press, this means to push up the weight quickly, but bring it down slowly.

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