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Want One of These Frozen Drinks?

Frozen Drinks — who can help but enjoy the frosty flavor they leave in your mouth?

One of the great things about these flavorful drinks is that they stay cold for a long time, allowing a conversation to linger without going overboard on the drinks.  Frozen drinks come in a great array of flavors and use many of the popular liquors available today.

Recipes for Frozen Drinks

What would a recipe site be without recipes?

There are hundreds of recipes for frozen drinks, and we’ll do our best to present most of them on this website.

Everyone has a favorite Daiquiri Recipe.  We’ll present a variety of these rum-based drink recipes in the pages that follow.  Frozen Daiquiris are a summer favorite.  The main ingredients of a Daiquiri are rum, lime juice and sweeteners.

A Mai Tai is normally served highball style, pouring the drink over ice.  We’ll show you a Frozen Mai Tai Recipe that makes this great drink even better.  Of course, we’ll show you some of the original Mai Tai Recipes too.  The main ingredients in a Mai Tai are rum, Curacao, and lime juice.

Rum isn’t the only liquor in frozen drinks.  We’ll share a bunch of Mexican Drinks, including Tequila Drinks, and a special Frozen Margarita Recipe that I know you’ll love.

So sit back and enjoy as we share some great recipes for Frozen Tropical Drinks and more with you.

Machines for Frozen Drinks

Machines make blending frozen drinks easier.

A Margarita Machine makes margaritas easier by shaving the ice before it is  placed into a blender to be mixed into a fantastic Frozen Margarita.

We’ll review the Frozen Concoction Maker –  a popular drink machine often used as a Margarita Maker.

We’ll also discuss how you can save money at your next party by utilizing a Frozen Margarita Rental Company.  Buying a Frozen Drink Machine can be pretty expensive!  Using a rental instead of buying a Frozen Drink Machine can save you plenty when it’s time to make the frozen drinks for your next gathering.

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