Goji Berry Fruit Smoothie

This Goji Berry Fruit Smoothie Recipe makes a healthy and tasty drink. With Pomegranate Juice, Strawberries and Agave Nectar to sweeten the smoothie, this Goji Berry Fruit Smoothie is sure to please. Watch as Nili Nathan blends up a pitcher of this healthy drink.

Goji Berry Fruit Smoothie

  • Handful of Strawberries
  • 1 1/2 c. Pomegranate Juice
  • Soaked Goji Berries
  • 1 Tbsp Agave Nectar

Blend it all together and enjoy!

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  1. xodreadedfearox says:

    That was the nastiest thing i think i ever watched. The way she drank it made me PUKE. But it does look like a nice smoothie and i think i want to go try it!

  2. Areille2007 says:

    this lady should stay off the ‘agave nectar’ i think! ha ha

  3. BamseTier says:

    omg a special glass.

  4. davidf35 says:

    Stupid woman, you don’t soak the goji berries and then pour the freakin water that it has been soaking in OUT In the sink, use some common sense, you probably lost some of its vitamins and minerals just because you did that, just blend them into a smoothie like you regularly do with some kind of liquid, she did it for 4 hours too!

  5. putoswift says:

    You guys are losers. That woman is providing healthy, delicious alternatives to our ever increasing junk filled diets.

  6. vlinnell says:

    Wow, some pretty wicked comments! Probably a good idea to soak the goji berries a bit since they are pretty hard (otherwise might get little hard bits in smoothie – and yes, probably should use the water they were soaked in…. between the agave nectar, the passion fruit juice and the goji berries, sounds like it would be very sweet. Too bad she did not use fresh fruits and some greens –
    goji berries and some fruit juice does not make it that healthy of a smoothie!

  7. rmsolympic1 says:

    A good video. Hahahaha to the haters and their savage remarks: pretty brutal. Anyway, it looks like a good and healthy drink.

  8. expensive smoothy

  9. great !

  10. queensheba1978 says:

    Can anyone reply to my comment here or email me and tell me what I can substitute for bannanas in my green smoothie? The bannans give it a nice sweet taste and creamy consistancy-however, I have found bannanas give me heartburn. Any advice?

  11. aussieshuffler761 says:

    Dear Queensheba1978 if you use frozen fruits they usually turn into a nice creamy consistancy!

  12. crosspecans says:

    dont throw out the goji juice…in fact save the juice and throw away the berries. lol. therawfoodworld makes smoothies with the goji juice. peace

  13. sharaim says:

    wow, considering you have what i think is a Vita mixer, you can use real apples and pomegranate rather than juice, to make your smoothies. While i realize it will probably be easier to have processed pomegranate juice because the seeds are so small… I have put chopped, whole vegetables and fruit into a Vita mixer and added water and came out with the most delicious, nutritious, fresh food smoothies ever! now I stay away from any thing that is processed if I can help it. thank anyway though.

  14. longluvedrappers says:

    i use ja magic bullet na mean

  15. kayla9621 says:

    eww its gross that you can actually hear her swallow. but it looks like a goo dsmoothie.

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    to get free shipping on a vitamix…use in the store: 06-001801

  17. destiny6666 says:

    @SynysterBaller1341 – these so called experts rarely practice what they preach 🙂

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