Green Kale and Berry Smoothie

In this video, Robyn shows you how to put together a large batch of super-healthy Green Kale and Berry Smoothies. In under 5 minutes, she prepares enough to feed her family all the greens they need for the day.

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  1. LunarBahamut says:

    I have a feeling I’m just feeding a troll here, so this will be my last post on your video, GSG. Sorry for the multi-posts. Some just didn’t appear to go through is all.

    The truth is that in choosing either the VM or BT, have a machine that vastly outperforms the competitors, which is the key in our path to good health.

    As long as people do their own independent research on the pros and cons of each and decide which machine’s hoops they would be most willing to jump through, they’ll be fine.

  2. veganmainstream says:

    Nice Videos!!

  3. capricious71 says:

    Thanks for the video. I’m just starting out with smoothies. I’m a bit hit and miss when trying different ingredients. My favourite so far is spinach, grapes and blueberries.

  4. great video, tried it the banana’s made it great, thank you

  5. JuggaloOzi says:

    I want a blendtec 🙁

  6. healthfreak18 says:

    @GreenSmoothieGirl That totally figures! Great videos.

  7. DontxBringxPajamas says:

    …..I have never heard of these vegetables….. can i get them in tescos??

  8. 1800tellmama says:

    should i be rinsing my spinach first

  9. @1800tellmama yes 🙂 I always do

  10. question: i have a Blendtec. what buttons are pressing? are you whole juicing it or smoothing it?

  11. Nigelxman says:

    @GreenSmoothieGirl I like your videos but why on earth would you be on as idiotic a show as “Wife Swap”? sigh

  12. eldictator1 says:

    I have a better smoothie for athletes and training…
    Pre workout
    1 small glass off beetroot juice (nitrates improve blood flow and increase performance) ,small glass of coconut water (electrolytes and hydration), 1 banana, small cup of oats (fuel and carbs), drizzle of honey, hand full of frozen peachesand a cup of protein shake

  13. onajourney201011 says:

    Hi Robin, serious question here. Recently, in Oct 2010, a large tumor was found on my ovary. It was surgically removed and was determine to be Ovarian cancer Stage 1A. I’m currently going through chemo right now because the cancer was a rare type and very aggressive. Thank God it was caught early on. Recently, you shared the your grandmother overcame stage 4 cancer while raw foods. I currently do a smoothie each morning using the Sun Warrior protien powder. I used to include some greens (cont.)

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