How to Make a Healthy Berry Smoothie

healthy berry smoothieEasy and Health Berry Smoothie Recipe

Miranda shows how to make a healthy berry smoothie in this easy to follow video recipe.   Starting with fresh berries, orange juice and plain yogurt, Miranda blends up a great looking healthy berry smoothie in just a few minutes.

The secret is in the ratio, she claims.  Mix one part fruit, one part juice and two parts yogurt.  If the fruit is fresh, she recommends you add some ice cubes.

Recipes for a Healthy Berry Smoothie and More


Enjoy a Healthy Berry Smoothie today!

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  1. GreenBeangood says:

    Man, now I’m craving for one right this moment!!! 😛

  2. BetterInFrench says:

    @GreenBeangood I wish I could make one for you! But luckily, it’s so easy, you can make it easy, peasy 🙂 –Miranda

  3. xTbone777x says:

    yer pretttttty good at cutting those mangos.(;
    i like how my hands didnt get as sticky.(; hit me up sometime so i, can be your valentine(;

  4. gomeniaris92 says:

    im drooling all over the pc xD…

  5. longluvedrappers says:

    hot lady, hot smoothie

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    i love you

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