Healthy Breakfast Power Smoothie Recipe

power smoothie recipeThis step-by-step video shows the process of making this healthy Breakfast Power Smoothie, made with protein powder. By using Stevia, this shake stays away from sugar sweeteners, reducing the calories you might normally take in.

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  1. I agree with almost everything you say about smoothie making, but I have one few comments. Freezing your fruit can reduce the ice cubes needed. Using carrot juice is a great source of vitamin A. Also, using pineapple juice diminishes the need for a sweetner. Yogurt is also good to use for some added protein.

  2. byronshell says:

    jani- yes, that is true, but with this smoothie the frozen fruit and 8 ice cubes makes for a perfect consistency, at least for me. Good idea on the pineapple for sweetness.

  3. very nice video. I wil try and make one of these smoothies, they look nice!

  4. StarFlower99654 says:

    another variation would be to nix the whey and use young coconut kefir and a handful of greens ie: spinach, kale, romaine and instead of the stevia use a pear or peach.

  5. isaachaze1 says:

    yea, i like using yogurt and sometimes some frozen sherbert (or sorbet i guess is what it is)

  6. how come protein/powder drinks are important to get a good body? because i mean my dad doesn’t let me drink protein drinks, and like yea he think its just unnatural or something but yea any other ingredient instead of that?

  7. Long and short; your body needs protein to build muscle. People use protein powders to make diet easier. Instead of eating 10 egg whites (about 30g protein), you can add a scoop to your smoothie. There is nothing unnatural about it.

  8. streetmentalist says:

    u can buy whey protein 100 % natural.

    ps. u DON’T need protein powder to get good body.

  9. im pregnant, so can i drink this?

  10. MultiCoolman97 says:

    mmmmmm looks good

  11. chrisplus23 says:

    your body needs amino acids. Not protein. Look it up.

  12. How can healthy food come out of bottles,box and freezer no fresh veg or fruit
    interesting…but i agree that it would taste gooood

  13. @chrisplus23 Protein is made up of amino acids

  14. chrisplus23 says:

    @Phunct thats exactly my point.

  15. jessomglol says:


    no need to be consuming any kind of dairy products or bi-products such as whey (ESPECIALLY non-organic.) while pregnant.

    this shake minus the whey would be a perfect pregnancy smoothie 🙂 add some greens in there to make it even better!

  16. jessomglol says:

    Looks delicious minus the whey powder.

  17. supraguy2jzgte says:

    @chrisplus23 amino acids make up protein!!! lol look it up

  18. chrisplus23 says:

    @supraguy2jzgte ffs, that’s my point!

  19. i like the apple shirt 🙂

  20. DannyLrides says:

    I dont understand why you only choose organic for like of your items. Kinda defeats the purpose of eating organic because those berries are drenched in pesticides.

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