Homemade Low Cost High Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Protein Meal Replacement Shake Ingredients

Here is some great, straight-up advice on how to make Meal Replacement Shakes at home. While the packets are convenient for travel, the cost of them versus making your homemade shakes is high. Not only that, but it’s just about as quick!

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  1. @leemhayward However, I did say you can adjust the ingredients according to your needs. IE you could add 3-4 addtional egg whites or like previously mentioned cottage cheese.

  2. Jugglemisterer says:

    @deniedd so if u buy powder and make ur shake at ur house, its not homemade?

  3. Jugglemisterer says:

    Hey Lee, thanks for the video, i was wondering if u think this is a good shake…

    1 cup light soy milk (or water)
    1 banana
    1 tbsp natural pb
    1 scoop whey protein

  4. @Jugglemisterer Would a mass produced dinner cooked in the microwave for 3 minutes be considered a home made meal? If so, then sure thing man.

  5. Jugglemisterer says:

    @deniedd no but if u start from the raw in grediants and combine all the pieces of the meal (ie,. chicken, carrots, peas, self mashed potatos) urself it would be homemade.

  6. @leemhayward what brand of whey protein are you using? I started working out about 2 months ago and I wanna start trying out whey protein but i don’t know what brand to get…there’s so many. I’m a student so a cheaper brand that you could recommend would be great! thx.

  7. OPGVIERTELS says:

    hey im barely starting to work out but i wanna loose the belly fat wat do u think its the best suplement for that or the best work out n whats the best protein to build muscle thanx if u can let me know

  8. @deniedd no point for the raw eggs…
    1 1/2 cup milk
    2 tbsp peanut butter
    1 cup yogurt
    1 banana
    1 scoop or recommended amount of protein
    good shit

  9. @t3chnon3 gold standard whey is good

  10. Sweet we use the same protein supplement!
    But Lee…doesn’t this kinda contradict the use of a protein shake? What I mean by this is the body can process 40g of protein an hour…so anything higher would be useless, correct?

  11. leemhayward says:

    Well it’s not like I’m chugging down shakes every hour on the hour. If you drink this you should be good for 2 or 3 hours before needing to eat again.

  12. @leemhayward Ah okay I get it. Makes sense for a long-term sorta meal replacement then.

  13. ibanezhalen says:

    Thanks Lee. The recipie sounds nasty, but I’ll have to get use to it for the better. Thanks again coach Lee.

  14. TeWarChief says:

    ok so i am 16, around 5’8″ and weigh around 110 pounds—scrawny i know

    i only consume about 1500 calories per day, because i usually don’t eat that much

    how fast do you think i can build muscle when i start eating 2000-2500 calories or maybe more when i start working out?

    it seems like my situation is a bit different from alot of people

    you’re a real big dude who seems to know what he’s talking about so it would rock if i could get some advice from you

  15. leemhayward says:

    That’s not true, the amount of protein one can digest will vary on how big you are. But most people will have no problems with 50+ grams of protein per meal.

  16. leemhayward says:

    The numbers will vary for everyone, but once you put yourself in a caloric surplus you can realistically gain a pound of solid bodyweight per week. This will really add up over the long term.

  17. Ashtray5000 says:

    @deniedd i dont think boiled eggs in a shake would be too nice aha but the fruit would definitely be a nice in a shake

  18. UltimateHibz says:

    Lee I have 2 questions that I would like for you to please answer: What do you eat before going to sleep? And how long do you wait between your last meal and sleep?

  19. leemhayward says:

    I’ll often have a protein shake right before going to bed. I try to keep my protein high and my carbs low right before bed.

  20. hey lee, I’m a female that wants to get toned and lose weight because i am going to join the US Marine Corps, i read about the protein supplements what protein supplement would you reccomend for me? ( I’m a big girl 5’5 248 pounds) So how much protein would i need to take a day?

  21. leemhayward says:

    You need to get your bodyfat tested and find out how much bodyfat you have and how much lean mass you have. Then you would eat 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass daily.


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