Homemade Slushie Commercials

slushieThe Slushie Guys

The Slushie Guys perform a parody of Sonic’s commercials.

These guys do a pretty good knock-off of five different Sonic advertisements.  They start with a funny ‘LOL – BTW – POS’ routine, and then move to several others.  They may have a pretty good future in the theater arts, I think!

All those drink videos sort of make you want to drink a slushie, don’t they?

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  1. ubiquitousmotion says:

    haha guys that is great… lookin forward to another episode 😀

  2. ff5roxtheworld says:

    you guys are great actors!!!

  3. Retrovirtigo says:

    ben, i adore you.

  4. SomeRandomPunk says:

    Good work!!!! I loved it!

  5. slushieguys says:

    wooooo 1000

  6. TheRealProto says:

    well done my boys!

  7. stray445831 says:

    these are my cousins friends wooooooo that is sooo funny lol splashie ha

  8. dudes thats pretty funny lol

  9. xaythavone says:

    hurry make another 1

  10. stray445831 says:

    Make another video!!!!!!!

  11. queenoftheworld777 says:

    good work tyler and ben!

  12. pureandnaive says:



  14. lordyfordy says:

    if you were a slushie flavor you’d sound like some guy trying to play guitar and sing.

  15. you should send this to sonic and they could have some kind of competition on the best commercial and then air it

  16. PharmMan2012 says:

    Very nice.
    Thatta boy Droopy.

  17. MelissaLeah says:

    lmao. i love you guys. i would hang out with you.

  18. lol this cracked me up! “sweet mother of aunt susies bean dip” lol!

  19. TheDarkSoldier09 says:

    haha lol the end was funny

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