How Do I Keep Frozen Drinks Frozen After Serving?

frozen drinksKeeping Frozen Drinks Frozen

I have a great recipe for frozen Pina Coladas, but every time I make them they become liquefied towards the end and I would like them to stay frozen the whole time. Its not a question of am I drinking them too slow, because I’m not, trust me.

  • 6oz captain morgan spiced rum
  • 6oz creme of coconut
  • 8oz pineapple juice by dole
  • 1 banana
  • 4 cups of ice

The drink melts. Rather most of the ice floats to the top and a liquid layer about 2-3 in. up from the bottom forms. This is in the glass after they have been served, not the pitcher, which of course I put in the freezer until someone needs another. I already tried more ice which just ruins the flavor. Any ideas would be worth a try.

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  1. Forget the ice… try ICE CREAM instead. Does not melt as fast due to consistency and even when it does "melt down" it does not "water down" the drink. Also… it tastes 10 times better. I use plain ole’ Bryer’s Vanilla… but have used Pineapple Sherbert in the past and that will certainly do in a pinch.

  2. make 1/2 of recipe

  3. Thanks for Listening says:

    I agree. Make half the recipe, then make it again if you and/or your friends want more.

  4. put the blender container in the freezer until you need more.

  5. 1. keep them in the freezer
    2. make half the recipe.
    3. put the pitcher on a bed of ice

  6. thischick says:

    get one of those glasses that has a layer of liquid in it so the glass itself freezes, that might help

    or drink faster 🙂

  7. BabyGirl0218 says:

    put the glasses ur using to drink out of in the freezer…they also make plastic glasses that have water in them that r meant for the freezer and they will keep ur drink cold….just like chilled beer mugs

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