How do we make good strawberry and chocolate milkshake?

how do we make good strawberry milkshake and chocolate milkshake?????

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  1. Real strawberries (frozen), milk, and vanilla ice cream. For a chocolate milkshake, use milk, chocolate ice cream, and add stuff like oreos, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, or caramel syrup.

  2. hugs_xoxo_kisses_ says:

    put real strawberrys in it and but chocolate fudge in the chocolate milkshake

  3. Good quality ice cream, strawberries, syrup, and not too much milk. Also you can add ovaltine or malt to make it thicker.

  4. says:


    Vanilla ice cream
    2 tbsp. chocolate syrup
    1/2 c. milk

    Put about 5 big spoonfuls ice cream in shaker or covered jar. Add chocolate syrup. Mix a bit with spoon. Add milk. Cover jar and shake hard. This makes a shake.

    1/2 c. light cream
    1/2 c. milk
    1 c. vanilla or strawberry ice cream
    1 tbsp. honey
    1 c. strawberries
    2 tbsp. crushed ice

    Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until thick. Serves 2

  5. Awesome Strawberry Milkshake

    1/2 cups milk
    ice cubes
    3/4 lb strawberries
    1/4 cup sugar

    1- Put ice, milk and sugar in blender.
    2- Cut ends off strawberries.
    3- Put strawberries in blender.
    4- Blend for 3 to 5 minutes.

    Chocolate Milkshake

    1/2 pint milk
    2 teaspoons good quality chocolate powder or syrup to taste
    2 tablespoons vanilla ice cream

    – Blend all ingredients together in a blender or with a whisk.
    – Serve immediately.

  6. Use vanilla bean ice cream instead of the regular. The finished product tastes just awesome!
    You won’t be sorry.

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