How do you make your favorite tasty smoothie?

I have been looking online for recipes to make smoothies, but i can’t find one that sounds good. Any ideas?

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  1. Apschminkey says:

    I start with frozen fruit which I always have in the freezer for this purpose. Add about an equal volume of milk (soy is fine). Add some sweetener…sugar or honey. Blend until smooth. You can alter the amounts to suit your taste and texture requirements. Adding ice can help to cool/thicken the smmothi but does nothing for flavor. Don’t think about it too much as it can be easily adjustable. From here you can add ice cream, protein powder, banana, flavored syrups…………

  2. put alot of ice cream and some milk and what ever friut you want in a blender and there ya go

  3. Banannas,strawberrys,rasberries,blueberries,strawberry yogurt, vanilla ice cream, lil bit of ice.

    All of that in a blender, excellent ! That was my breakfast thoughout highschool.

  4. i use

    2 frozen fruit yogurts
    some frozen fruits
    put in the blender and gradually add milk to get a nice consistence.

    enjoy !

    no ice, it looses its nutritive values and it reduces the fruity flavor!
    take care

  5. Grand Old Party says:

    lots of fruit, ic e cream milk and ice…..a gr8 healthy recipe would be:
    apple juice

  6. Ice and fruit juice
    Frozen fruit (black berries, rasperries, blueberries, strawberries, etc)

    Experimenting with flavors in the best way.

  7. Mix about 15 strawberries, with one banana and 2 cups of lemonade (already made or homemade). This is delicious and should be relitivly thick. That should make 1-2 survings.You can also make this without the strawberries or instead of the strawberries you can use other berries!

    Hope i helped!

  8. Cassandra says:

    I LOVE smoothies and find this to be the best way to make them.
    Buy any type of fruit that you like. I use ALL kinds of fruits.
    those are what I normally use

    cut the fruit into bite sized pieces, but it all into a big bowl, pour some lemon juice over it.
    Let it sit for awhile, overnight would be the best. You will see a lot of juice that has formed.
    Put some ice in a blender add some of the fruit along with the fruit juice, and add some yogurt. Depending on how sweet you like the smoothie you can also use cool-whip (which will make it very sweet)
    You basically just have to add enough of each thing until it tastes the way that you like it.

    The fruit also makes a great fruit salad!!!!
    Hope this helps.

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