How I prepare a protein shake

Here’s a quick video that shows how Scott makes and enjoys a Protein Shake.

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  1. bumblebeechris says:

    i do they same thing but mix it with milk also

    its sooooo discusting

  2. urameshiiiii says:

    @Adeyemi777 eat a lot! simple as that. Eat at least 5x a day and healthy stuff! protein like chicken, preferable would be grilled chicken. And along with boiled eggs. Lots of carbs + beens and vegetables. If you combine that with shakes of whey mixed with maltodextrin you’ll get results. And during night before sleep try and take casein too. And don’t forget to have a good night of sleep (muscles grow during sleep, so is important to rest).

  3. royorbitol says:

    Wow, now I finally know how to make my own shake…..!!

  4. Real men don’t wear shirts. nor do they use blenders with covers.

  5. themathew21 says:

    hi how many grams of whey protein should i take a day which has 70% protein in it. im 17 and i go to the gym 3-4days a week
    and money is a bit tight!

  6. good to know thats the way he takes his protein shakes. i do almost the same thing but i inject it

  7. Proteïn shake moustache FTW!!!

  8. They doesnt tastes that good xD

  9. Bruinsfan54 says:

    @bugkillah if i was in his shape…shame on me but id hardly wear a shirt…ever

  10. Jezreel7773 says:

    he must be single… wouldn’t be allowed to drink from pitcher like that if married

  11. @themathew21 You should aim for about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight a day. So, for example, if you weigh 150lbs, aim for 150 grams of protein per day, eating about 20g every 2-3 hours.
    On workout days, be sure to take around 20g of whey protein about 30 mins pre-workout and another 20g immediately post-workout (these are the most important times to take whey protein because it is digested quickly).

  12. no strawberries? no blueberries, no bananas? I usually use milk not water and some fruit. that looks so plain.

  13. man I LOVE your simplicity. So..I add water. I add protein. I mix it. I drink it. haha xD

  14. 00Quaresma00 says:

    annnnnnnd then i drink it lol

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