How much protein shake should I be drinking a day?

How much protein shake should I drink a day?
I am 16, weighing at 116lbs. I am somewhat physically active, I play basketball everyday and soon will be planning on starting boxing and workout routines. How would I find the total amount of grams I should take for the protein shake to be working?

Additional Details
also, 1 scoop = 34.4g
height is 5’7
and am a male.

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  1. AS A RULE OF THUMB consume a pre and post workout shake! Make sure you are consuming a chemical free whey product minus the fillers and additives. Always stick with 0ne gram of protein per pound fbodyweight. Good luck

  2. The only time a protein shake is appropriate is post workout. Thats when our anabolic window is open and we need a fast digesting protein. The rest of your protein needs to come from whole foods(chicken, fish, lean beef). Idk your body fat %, so I cant give you an accurate answer but just for healthy maintainence you need AT LEAST 116 grams of protein daily.

    The way it goes is, for healthy living the average person requires 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass daily. Athletes need 1.5g per lbs of LBM and bodybuilders need 1.5 to 2g of protein. Remember we need protein. Not only for muscles, but for hair, nails, skin, etc. So dont go and use shakes as meal replacements. Stick to whole foods and use a shake post workout and a casein shake b4 bed for good results.

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