How NOT to Make a Smoothie

Is This How You Make a Smoothie?

make a smoothieNancy knows how to make a smoothie in all the wrong ways — at least as far as I’m concerned.

First, she starts with WAY too much liquid, and she uses water to boot.

Second, and speaking of boots, I’m surprised she didn’t add one of them too! She jumps from one ingredient to another. If her cat, Nipsy, is missing, I’d check the smoothie first.

Third, she is using all room temperature ingredients. No ice. No frozen fruit. Nothing to act as a solidifier.

Finally, she throws those damn dates in there! Who wants to drink a smoothie that looks like it’s full of barks chips? UGLY!

Don’t be a Nancy — do it right!

Buy a blender that has enough power to grind this stuff up, and make a smoothie the right way.

Make a Smoothie Right with These Blenders


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  1. I use a Magic Bullet and make my smoothies – same concept as the blender. I put protein powder in mine, too, and it helps me get my daily protein requirement in. A smoothie made with 1 scoop of my protein powder & 8 oz milk has 34 grams of protein! Plus the fruit added makes it more healthy. I also make a “coffee” smoothie with 1 tsp instant decaf coffee, protein powder, & milk. Add a couple of ice cubes and it’s wonderful!

  2. casagrandecats says:

    wow, got to try this. does it have to be refrigerated before you drink it? sandy

  3. NancyToday says:

    I could go for a smoothie about now. I think I’ll go hunt around for something to put in it.

  4. starnightshade says:

    I call them now Nancy Today smoothie.
    Some one asked what I had to drink so I told them that I am having a Nancy today smoothie.

  5. Honestly , you should have not used water and even if you do , do not use to much.

    A watery smoothie is not the way to go.
    Would be weird.

  6. NancyToday says:

    I like to add orange or apple juice usually. Some people use yogurt or milk.

  7. bemoreonline says:

    i have been experimenting with ‘GREEN” smoothies !!
    2cups of water
    handful of fresh spinach leaves
    2 bananas
    1-2 dates
    optional any frozen / fresh fruits )
    blend for a long time ………Yummy !!!

  8. NancyToday says:

    Nope. Did I mention you can use frozen bananas? It’s cold if you do that!

  9. NancyToday says:

    What an interesting idea. I could try adding some nettles. I still have about 1qt of them, dried, left.

  10. If you freeze the bananas before using them in smoothie they froth it, thicken it right up…

  11. bemoreonline says:

    That is a good idea ~ also, recently i found frozen mangos and now I add that to the mix every day ~ makes it all smooth and delish !!!! Thanks for the tip !!!

  12. bemoreonline says:

    LOL !!! You’re right ~ not too much water !!! The fruit and bananas DO thicken it up and I dont miss the milk at all ~ ans for people who are milk intolerant, this is do-able, tasty and healthy drink !!!

  13. bemoreonline says:

    Dena ~ i’m thinking about getting a magic bullet ~ right now i use a vita-mix ~ what do you like about the magic bullet ????

  14. Not a problem – hope you enjoy your smoothy…

    Best of the day to you…

  15. LiLtinee says:

    I like the fact that it’s small, takes up almost no counter space, and it’s super easy & fast to use. It’s also really easy to clean, not a lot of parts to keep up with.

  16. bemoreonline says:

    Thanks Dena !

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