How to Make a Margarita Cocktail

Make a Margarita Cocktail

Make a Margarita CocktailNot every Margarita comes in a Margarita glass.

Not every Margarita is made with shaved ice from a fancy Margarita Machine.

Sometimes, a simple Margarita, made the old fashioned way, can be a treat to the taste buds.

This one is also a treat to the eyes, thanks to the lovely bartender.

Of course… I still like the pretty glass.





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Make a Margarita Cocktail today!

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  1. atlasperros says:

    what the fushizzle!? that’s the weirdest looking margarita…

  2. sorry .. but you can`t make a margarita in that kind of glass..

  3. whats the thing that the sweet and sours in

  4. gillespie5555 says:

    No, No, No, No If you want a good one, go to “Making the Perfect Margarita”

  5. Looks like a mix of Mojito and Margarita… and personally i use White Tequila

  6. omg,.i hope there is no mexican will accidentally watch this video or else this woman get shot,.hahaha,.and i wish she’s promoting a innovated classic cocktails for home use only,.godspeed miss gweneth

  7. Roguemember says:

    Bartenders are shady people.

  8. ApollonUltrasFa88 says:

    this is not a margarita…maybe she calls margarita her own recipe i dont now….

  9. Marley674 says:

    Note to self: stay away from JaBu’s Pub.

  10. theone2088 says:

    @Marley674 Honestly. What are they doing with their margaritas?

  11. Marley674 says:

    @theone2088 Good question. If I ever see them make an actual margarita, I’ll let you know.

  12. gaga1213141516 says:

    pffff sweet and sour u gottta be kidding jeez

  13. gaga1213141516 says:

    Actually it is 4 cl (double shot of white tequila ) 0.5 cl of triple sec (cointreau is a premium triple sec) 1.5 cl of freshly sqeezed lime juice and ice and you chill the glass first end shake it in a cocktail shacker with ice after u are done shaking let it sit for a while while u put some lime juice on the OUTSIDE of the glass so ther drink doesnt mix with the salt and you jsut get salt on ur lips then strain it in the pre chilled and “salted” glas and enjoy ur magheritha urs isnt originalf

  14. PhDincrazy says:

    Gonna go get myself a salt dealy-bobber.
    Perfect for using after you muddle ice.

  15. FashionablyBombed says:

    Love your margarita… please checkout our Montano Family Margarita Recipe!

    ~The Fashionably Bombed Girls

  16. ide put my glass in her shaker.

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