How to make a protein smoothie less frothy?

protein shake

We try to make smoothies with protein powder, fruit, milk, and ice, and it always seems too frothy at the top. I’ve tried to look it up finding only a few solutions. I’ve heard that less liquid prevents froth, but I’m not sure if it’s true.

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  1. The milk is what’s making it frothy. Unless you have to have the milk, use a good fruit juice. I use natural apple juice with no added sugar and my smoothies are thick and good with no froth.

  2. You can utilize a blender if you approach it in two steps;

    Add some water along with the items you want to chop like ice, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, veggies. Blend well to chop up these items.

    THEN add your items that tend to cause frothiness; Protein powder, milk, etc. You should barely “zip” these items, for a second at a time to mix them up (you won’t need to blend very much, you are just mixing them.)

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