How to Make a Raw Green Smoothie

A Raw Green Smoothie isn’t up to everyone’s taste.  These drinks can have a strong taste that many people find objectionable.  That said, they can be great for your health, low in calories, and the taste can be , well, ‘acquired’.  Why not try a raw green smoothie today?

Raw Green Smoothie Video

Wow! This guy really means it when he says RAW!!!

Starts with a stroll through the yard (good thing the dog didn’t get there first). Fresh is what it is all about. Watch and enjoy!

raw green smoothie

Blending Fresh Greens

What Goes Into a Raw Green Smoothie?

While this guy wanders around plucking fresh grass and mixing it with pure water and a bit of honey, there are probably healthier and tastier raw green smoothies to be had.

Grass is very hard to digest, even when well blended.  Try using ingredients such as kale, spinach, broccoli, and wheat grass for the greens.  Raw coconut milk, almond milk, or organic banana might make a better liquid than the water is.  The raw honey is a great and common addition to help sweeten the smoothie.

Play around with various combinations and you’ll find a way to make a raw green smoothie that suits your taste.

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  1. MachitoMaldito says:

    he probably has a good immune system
    and I think he used honey

  2. I love this video.

    blindguru com

  3. If you get your fresh food in nature (i.e. an unpolluted area) you don’t need to or better should not wash it, so you may eat the healthy bacteria, too.

    As far as I read in some different video portal, he used raw agave nectar.

  4. Concerning this wonderful video there is only one thing missing: The word “Frohkost” or at least “happy”, because the song makes so very happy.

  5. VUandChips says:

    Is it safe to just take grass like that? I’d wash it first obviously, but is it safe?

  6. WIGNSWORD says:

    Ha! That’s brilliant man! Pre-digestion thru blender…

  7. bryansaccount says:

    …is he using grass?

  8. yinyangaccount says:

    is it?

  9. myspeechclass says:

    Like grass? Not barley or anything, just grass? That’s awfully rough on the stomach. WG is too. Barley is more gentle and just as cleansing no? I dont think I could down that (unless fresh pineapple or something was in it w/ sweet carrot juice puree).

  10. Jackitreborn says:

    …did he wash the grass?

  11. elfyandbarefoot says:

    what’s the song? does anyone know?

  12. hahahah i love you

  13. 3684memich says:

    it’s by Herman van Veen a dutch singer.He also sings in german.

  14. elfyandbarefoot says:

    thank you!


    Ich Liebe Liebe Liebe dieses tolles Video!! Mach mehr!!! I love love love this Video make more!!!

  16. EmperorBling says:

    I love this Vid! top knowledge!

  17. Wow, so funny and inspirational!

    Will make a new effort in picking those wild greens this very spring!

    Hugs and kisses!

  18. futtethedog says:

    whitch caint of herbs or u using???

  19. poppy90290 says:

    What a powerful bunch of minerals! So wonderful!!!

  20. maybe alit Xxxxxtreme

  21. AGREED 🙂

  22. perelman321 says:

    raw juice information at drink raw juice dot com

  23. what type of blender is that?

  24. Plain grass has very little nutritional value, FACT. Plus it doesn’t digest or break down properly. Cows can do it because they have four chambers in their digestive system that break it down properly. People need to get wheat grass if they want any nutrition out of it. I’m an avid green smoothie maker and I knew this didn’t seem right. Plain grass is NO SUPERFOOD by a long shot. Any doubts, do the research and you’ll see for yourself. Sorry but it’s nutritional fact not opinion.

  25. atubaman1 says:

    magic bullet ftw

  26. Hi there,

    I believe we met briefly at the NAMS event. I was looking through your site and would love to contribute some of my green smoothie recipes/videos if you feel it is appropriate. Quite timely, I’m doing a free teleseminar on Wednesday on how to make any green smoothie taste great.

    If you find any of this helpful to your business, let me know. It would be great to support each other.

    Wishing you continued success,

    Aimee DuFresne
    Vitality Expert

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