How to Make a Tailor Made Margarita Cocktail

Tailor restaurant in New York City, makes a mean Margarita. Mixologist Eben Freeman demonstrates how to prepare a variation on the classic Margarita cocktail.

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  1. futbolaholic3 says:

    @Zolkz1Zneew i tried making this with those ingredients in my previous post, and it tasted really bad.

  2. usrernameavailable says:

    he takes the cointreau and put back the taquila XD

  3. Zolkz1Zneew says:

    @futbolaholic3 okay.. so what ingredients are you using then? I mean this is pretty much the basic recipe

  4. jdbeier380 says:

    lol @ continuation

  5. xX666JAVIER666Xx says:

    @dieselegoiste 2:57 ahahah so funny

  6. DarkRedeemer1 says:

    Eben and the legendary shake 🙂

  7. MichaelJhoan says:

    why does he shake it like that?:-s it looks weird…

  8. Thats the strangest shake ive ever seen in 15+ years.

  9. @dieselegoiste
    LOOOL , indeed.

  10. @MichaelJhoan rofl. so true

  11. @dieselegoiste thats how he does it if you know what i mean

  12. DianeMatute says:

    I like replaying the shaking part

  13. I remember reading that the Margarita was named after the actress Rita Hayworth, As a teenager, Margarita Cansino ( Rita Hayworth) worked as a dancer, with her father, at the Foreign Club, in Tijuana, where she supposedly inspired a bartender. If this story is true then i understand how the bartener was so inspired. Rita is jaw-dropping beauitful!!!

  14. thepitt666 says:

    The original triple sec? How much did cointreau pay you for this??? honestly??? margarita=twist on a daisy=orange curazao=replacement to orange curazao=triple sec as a sweetener, not as a overpowering liqueur… wtf…thats why that recipe doesnt work…. try 1oz tequila, 1oz STANDARD triple SEc, 1oz Fresh LEMON JUICE… the triple sec in that recipe works as a sweetener… thats all, if you use it that way, you dont need sugar to that drink.. talk to David Wondrich about it…. 😉

  15. shake and rock…..then, shake and rock some more!!!! I love my vest!

  16. @aiqinwen Didnt say it was bad. It was just, different, and a bit odd.

  17. Is that his signature shaking move? sorry but i had to lough abouth that.

  18. These only cost 8-15 dollars at most bars and restraunts. Mixed drinks and even beers at restraunts are incredibly expensive. You may think oh its easier to get drunk at a bar instead of buying a 30 dollar bottle. Well its not,by the time most people buy enough drinks to get drunk it is well past 30 dollars.

  19. kiminokami says:

    @PBRMafia Yep, the error of proportional misrepresentation.

  20. rubyredslip86 says:

    “you don’t need to shake that as much as you would in a straight up drink….”

    that was a light shaking? hahahahaha. I’d hate to see what a vigorous shake would look like!

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