Is it Safe to Drink Frozen Drinks in Cancun?

drink frozen drinksDo You Like to Drink Frozen Drinks When You Travel?

We are heading to Cancun in the next couple days. I was told not to drink the water, but can I drink frozen drinks at  Fat Tuesdays? That is one of my favorite places to have a drink. Do they use filtered water? Just asking…

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  1. Aleksandra P says:

    It is safe. Ice is made using bottled water.

  2. You don’t drink tap water, unless the hotel has a water purification system. Bottle water is widely used and easily available. Nearly all restaurants use bottled water and disinfect the produce. This has been true in restaurants serving tourist for many years. It has become wide spread. Even most street food vendors use bottle water.

    I remember back in 1993, there was government campaign to promote the disinfecting of produce among the general public.

    In short, don’t worry at Fat Tuesdays. Corporate locations are always safe.

  3. Do you think if Americans came to Cancun and got sick from drinking at Fat Tuesdays that they would still be in business ?

  4. Alberto Bioko-Malabo DeAlla says:

    yes cancun yes drinks safe that they are sAFE INCANCUN

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