Is a milkshake maker any better than a blender?

milkshake maker

My brother often makes milkshakes using our blender but with his birthday coming up I’ve been wondering about whether to buy him a milkshake maker. Is it worth it?

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  1. A blender is far more versatile. Not only can you make him milk shakes, but other more healthy alternatives that are equally as sweet, though very good for you. I have only just posted this recipe to someone else. Try skimmed milk with a big spoon of good honey, a handful of chocolate buttons, 5 strawberries and a banana. Maybe even throw in a raw carrot…I do! Though make sure it is thoroughly washed and scrubbed or peeled before you do!

  2. Joseph the Second says:

    No. You can do a LOT more with a Blender- than with a Milk Shake maker ! So if you want to give Him a "bigger Bang"- for YOUR "Buck"- get Him a GOOD Blender, & wish Him a Happy Birthday. 🙂

  3. chefjoezieger says:

    the long shaft on a milk shake mixer, allows for whipping entire product in less time than a blender for a colder, thicker result

  4. If your brother is happy with the milk shakes in the blender, I don’t think he would need a milkshake maker. Milk shakes are good if you mix the milk and ice cream together with a fork. I tried this because when I made them in the blender they didn’t mix well.

  5. The people above like to talk to much. The best places use milkshake machines. There is a reason for this.

  6. P.S. Milkshake mixers can be pressed into service as a blender, especially with the more aggressive looking blades. just use common sense and don’t try to stick a whole carrot or sizable chunks of ice in there. especially good for pancake batter or scrambled eggs.

  7. i have a milk shake maker but i lost the shaft is there a shaft for sale

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