Is it OK to Make a Protein Shake with Hot Water?

protein shakeI always use cold water with my protein shake but it tastes disgusting and it tastes so much better if its hot water.  Is it OK if I use hot water or I should keep using cold water?

Do You Like Your Protein Shake Cold or Warm?

The guy who asked this question about his Protein Shake on Yahoo! Answers seemed to like his hot.  I’ve always been a big fan of cold water for my shakes.

The consensus of the online community seems to be that there is no major affect on the power of the protein in a protein shake, no matter if it is made with hot or cold water, so long as it is consumed within an hour or two of mixing.  The one exception to this may be using boiling water.

Let me know how you like your protein shake by leaving a comment below.

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  1. The warm water makes it taste better cause it’s desolving better, keep doing it, if it helps….also try skim milk/fat free, or orange juice…maybe throw in some sugar free fruit.

  2. I’ve never tried it with hot/warm water. Why not get one of those variants with flavor like vanilla or chocolate if you don’t like the taste. I’m using one vanilla flavor and taste is ok.

  3. ok, this is my story. Just now, i ran out of bottled water so i decided to use tap water for my protein shake. So i decided to boil first before using it…so it’ll be clean of course. So i poured the boiling water into my protein powder and shook it up. NEVER do this! and boy did i learn the hard way. As soon as i popped open the lid, powder at the top got all over me! so obviously boiling water dont mix too well. The label says to use cold water, so i guess that’s what i shouldve done. there’s stil a bit of powder at the top of my shake and when i drank it, i nearly choked on it. It’s definately a protein shake gone wrong. Anyways, i dont know how you were able to mix your protein shake in hot water in the first place, but i dont recommend it. I was wondering if its SAFE to drink boiling protein shake cuz it IS full of chemicals (medical ingredients) since boiling usually affects the drug’s function/characteristics. and i stumbled on this question, so just thought i’d throw this in there.

  4. What is the actual intake for whey protein, with cold water or warm water.

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