Is there a good way to make a really good natural fruit smoothie?

All natural in other words. Nothing but fruit in this smoothie. I mean if that’s possible. I need healthy ideas here.

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  1. Okay, this is what I do. I get me a blender and I throw in a handful of frozen strawberries that you can buy by the bag at WalMart. Well, if you dont like strawberries there are mixed berries, peaches, whatever floats your little boat! To make a real smoothie, you need some milk in it. It is still healthy. Don’t use non-fat because youre body needs fat, just the good fat, that is. I use 2% and I dont put more than 1 cup. Thats a good serving size. You can also buy some low fat yogurt that is healthy and put a cup of that in it. I usually get the vanilla flavored cause its not any worse for you than the plain flavored. You can put some ice in there to make it more crispy – cold – like. Well, I know you just wanted fruit but hey, its still healthy and a smoothie has milk in it. So, good luck! Hope that helps. You can just use your imagination and make healthy smoothies with things like peanut butter if you like that sort of thing. You dont want to burn yourself out on the same ole’ strawberry smoothie!

  2. you wish you knew me says:

    well a smoothie has milk in it.. so just chop up some real fruit and add milk and there ya go.. for a fruit icee just real fruit chopped with ice cubes… not hard

  3. Freeze fruit and put it all in a blender with a cup of water. Strawberry, banana, blackberries, mango, peach….

  4. Xhardcore chickaX says:

    Um lets see…if you have a blender..i would use fruit in the house. You can get frozen chopped up fruit at the store. Like strawberries,rasberries,bananas,and so on and so forth and then you would put some milk and ice cubs. If you dont like the milk idea put minutemaid orange juice or any kind of fruity juice. It depends on how much you put of everything in there…sometimes if you put too much ice its too chunky and too much juice-then its too watery so if you try making it a couple of times youll know how much to put in it.


  5. If you want fruit only, then the best way to do this is to go to the frozen section of your grocery store and purchase frozen fruit…at least a couple different kinds. I’d suggest raspberries or blueberries and some strawberries. The choose one or two types of fresh fruit. Throw it all into a blender and you’ll have a cold icey like smoothie…if you don’t use the frozen fruit, you’ll end up with just a thick, chunky juice. If you don’t want to use the pre-frozen fruits, then you can always stick some of your own fruit in the freezer over night and use it.

  6. I use whatever fresh fruit is in season. I put about a cup or so of fruit (you can mix and match whatever you like) my personal favorites are bananas and strawberries together and strawberries, rasberries, blueberries & blackberries together. I put my fruit in the blender and 2 or 3 ice cubes, a little 2% milk (you can also use soy milk, yogurt or all natural fruit juices, just to name a few liquids!) and let her go. Yummy. Hope this helped.

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