Making a Meal Replacement Shake From Scratch

How to Make a Meal Replacement Shake from Scratch

Dr. Sherrill Sellman shows how to prepare a meal replacement shake from scratch that’s all natural as well as nutritionally balanced.

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  1. xxxAngelikaxxx says:

    Kee-fur…haha, do English pronounce it this way? Wow, I didn’t even know Americans have it, I thought only a couple of us European countries know what the difference is between kefir and yoghurt…

  2. motomanuradijas says:

    Hey, thanx.I started to drink only shakes to losse some weight.

  3. i appreciate the help but why is a nutritionist over weight?

  4. cammaddog says:

    what brand is the full cream yogurt, i cant find it in a store

  5. puma0425 says:

    Soy Milk works pretty well also.

  6. jasonsensation2001 says:

    Those seeds aren’t going to be properly blended – bits, foul.

  7. TheIdontknowman says:

    what is the difference betwen malea replacement and protien shake?

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