Liquid Nitro Slushie Video

Liquid Nitro Slushie

I wish I could say I knew more about what is going on in this video, but I don’t. It appears that they are making a slushie out of liquid nitrogen and fruit juice. Great Halloween treat???

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  1. philthebald says:

    Yes, I have to admit it – that’s my navel.

    Also from that evening’s ice cream session were:

    Chocolate Irish Mist Mint (think Andes mints)

    Vanilla Orange Creamsicle (fresh oranges – yum!)

    Chocolate Chocolate Nestle’s Crunch Chocolate (gooood)

    Vanilla Raspberry (described as “close your eyes and roll them up in your head good”)

    and Very Vanilla.

    You wish you’d been at Penguicon 6.0 – make it up to yourself by attending Penguicon 7.0!

  2. bigwyllpower says:

    i remember this stuff….god it was horrible!! lol……..good times in the con-suite though.

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