Lo-Protein Protein Shake

I’m a HUGE fan of Body-for-LIFE and Bill’s new site at Transformation.com but this guy seems to have missed the boat a bit on the protein shake process. Though you may get some protein from the milk and yogurt, most protein shakes actually add a protein powder.

I love the use of the coffee grinder for pulverizing some of the dry ingredients. That alone makes this video worth watching.

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  1. EricB042389 says:

    A protein shake as a meal should contain sources of essential fats, complex carbs, and protein. This would include flaxseed oil, natural oats, skim milk, and whey protein/casein.

    A protein shake as a post workout meal should be ONLY medium/high glycemic “good” carbs and quality protein. This would usually be skim milk/water, strawberries/blueberries or 1 banana, 1/2 cup natural oats, and whey isolate.

    What this guy made is not only horrible for counting macro’s but it’s just pure shit.

  2. EricB042389 says:

    For meal shakes, you could get really creative and add a dallop of peanut butter, chocolate sauce, etc…just be sure you maintain a “clean” bulk meal plan or else you end up looking like the fat ass at the gym who can move a lot of weight.

  3. @iamsuperman1987 he did 5 months research of studying your sentence , and even bought a dictionary, and then bingo , replyed to your comment

  4. @oodlesofosz Perfect

  5. 6E6RoDri6uez says:

    look at that look at that ..perfect perfect

  6. DonnyParkour says:

    dude ….if you take proteins and shakes and bla bla bla …why you dont have muscle ??? pfff BONE HEAD !!!!!

  7. @oatmealpizza4u flax seed, being so small, wouldn’t get ground very well in the blender, and if you don’t grind flax seeds very well, they don’t do anything for you, as they come out as they went in.

  8. cottonceena says:

    Excellent! Ima try it out. Thx for posting this

  9. aside from the video… you try to look and talk smooth but you are overdoing it a little bit

  10. BullymyHaters1 says:

    hes is too excitied to make his protein shake lol

  11. mryuck206 says:

    hemp protein is the most complete protein you can get. all the other bullshit is 2nd, look it up.

  12. 9588alamALI says:


  13. mirrorboy117 says:

    Thanks man

  14. XitstayloryallX says:

    omg! i looove your accent!!!!!!!!!

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