Making a Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

A Calcium Rich Green Smoothie can replace some of your daily requirement of vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables are full of calcium. This video shows how to blend rice milk, kale, parsley, a carrot and green broccoli into a healthy shake. Toss all the ingredients into your Vita-Mix blender, and turn it into a liquid treat!


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  1. giammona94 says:

    o my god

  2. PEREZ238 says:

    Ew i don’t know why u people hate 1% Milk for ur Diet

  3. unique678 says:

    the first 30 seconds, i wanted to puke.

  4. cannonflower says:

    nobody wears pink with pink.

  5. buybulkwhey says:

    that would be yummy with some strawberries!

  6. Hoenemeyergirl says:

    sounds gross!! eww!

  7. moviedude22 says:

    looks pretty yummy actually…oh and i’d surely try the smoothy once or twice also.:)

  8. ick!

  9. talkinsox says:

    i’d try it. mostly kuz its green and green is sexy 🙂

  10. MooWithMetubes says:

    exorcist flash back

  11. eleutheroo1 says:

    DAMN! That is nasty!

    Rice milk, kale, broccoli, parsley, carrot with extra sweetener? DRINK IT! DRINK IT! OOH. We didn’t get to see her drink it… .

    I wonder why?

  12. thats why u can drink ur vegetabls lol

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