Making a Chocolate Dessert Smoothie

Chocolate Dessert Smoothie

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Nili makes a Chocolate Dessert Smoothie. With uncommon ingredients, such as cacao, rice milk, and agave, you’ll need to plan ahead. Thanks to the healthy ingredients and great taste, this is a winner for the kids to start with!



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  1. dddsparks says:

    wow i’ll try that too.

  2. lovedad88 says:

    i will try to do this…it looks yummy

  3. i made one, it tasted goooood 🙂

  4. paulbrian808 says:

    u never add ice!

  5. ElieLesli says:


  6. INTJewel says:

    Nasty feedlot milk is poison, but raw milk is clean and delicious; very healthy.

  7. IzzyBizzles321 says:

    To be honest it looks a little weird but ive never tried it sooo it might be nice but i thought yu added ice and ice cream ?

  8. cbackerman says:

    @paulbrian808 why not?

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