Making a Classic Margarita – Shaken – Not Stirred

classic margaritaAhhh…the Margarita! A taste of salt and lime. Heavenly tequila and triple sec. So cold that your brain hurts.

Learn the proper way to put one together in this short, informative video.

Then… relax.

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  1. shakertv says:

    Salt is for chips. Even though a salt rim is part of the “classic” recipe it has no benifit to the flavour of the Tequila. Sugar is a common and (from a taste point of view) more appropriate alternative. Or you could could do half salt and half sugar, so everyone is happy!

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about a guy, or girl, bartender with an English accent that just really makes the experience THAT much BETTER!

    Profound & proper!

  3. that’s golden margarita… margarita is with Silver tequila, a young tequila

  4. 1aplucker says:

    Fine bartending!

  5. themachinegunn says:

    thats a lot of work for one drink

  6. Well If i’ma pay lets say 8-11 dollar for a drink i expect nothing less.

  7. toyotainside1 says:

    For the Japanese slipper u don’t substitute the cointreau with midori but the tequila… just a short note 😉 It’s Midori / cointreau / lemon juice..

  8. what is the british measure of a “shot”

  9. HellMate112 says:

    I think it is 25 ml

  10. cartmanthefat says:

    a shot is 45 ml

  11. howlie1337 says:

    one shot is 25ml

  12. 30ml in Australia

  13. gooser562 says:

    This guy is the best

  14. CheffinsBar says:

    Nice to see some people who know what they are talking about ! Fine Marga by me except the Jose Gold…I’d use an Anejo Tequila, Arette, 1800, Herradura, …

  15. niggagonefishin says:

    @shakertv To the best of my knowledge, salt, was a way for the mexicans to keep a good balance between water and salt in their body, while drinking. Not unlike the way the russians would accompany their vodka by pickled cucumbers. By the way, you can hardly say that a classic margarita contains sugar syrup. For the record, I feel that an unaged tequila works better in the drink, the rawness of it makes for an excellent drink.

  16. niggagonefishin says:

    Also, triple sec, not cointreau (although I think it goes just fine) is standard for a margarita. And while I’m at it, I’d like to mention that bacardi is a below average rum, in regards to your Mojito recipe.

  17. gooser562 says:

    you kick ass!

  18. hellohello66666 says:

    @niggagonefishin i would comment more on him using jose tequila its awful! its only 50% agave the rest is basically rum

  19. Machinefoot says:

    @hellohello66666 i’d agree that jose is terrible tequila but you wouldn’t waste a good tequila like don julio on a margarita.

  20. RPGgrenade says:

    I thought the margarita had the whole rim salted… hmm…

  21. NOOOO not jose cuervo! Anything that isn’t 100% blue agave isn’t real tequila.

  22. cane sugar?

  23. tommy’s rules

  24. Pastagavioli says:

    Awesome…You put sugar twice!!!! orange liqueur, and sugar syrup…Man, wtf!!! can’t spoil classics like that

  25. Should be using unaged tequila imo. Bacardi Traditional is cheap and very good (esp considering its bacardi brand)

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