Making a Desert Smoothie With Three Ingredients

Desert Smoothie, Not Dessert Smoothie

desert smoothieA Desert Smoothie is made from the natural products of the desert. In this video, the smoothie is made from Aloe Vera leaves, Prickly Pear Cactus and Agave Nectar.

Be sure to burn the spines off the cactus, and slice the spines off the sides of the Aloe Vera leaf before you proceed.

With nothing but these three natural ingredients, you can create a smoothie that is both tasty and colorful.

If the seeds bother you, blend well with a high-speed blender such as the VitaMix found below or filter out the seeds when pouring your desert smoothie.

Your Desert Smoothie Blender


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  1. LovingChoice says:

    OMG!!!!!! tomorrow i will make one, thanks.


  2. thrivesurvive says:

    I certainly will. thank you very much! πŸ™‚

  3. RacePointLight says:

    …speaking of knife safety, do like the old time fish fillet workers at the dock: they hold the fish tail and cut towards the head, the exact opposite of what you do. The fish method means you won’t ever get cut.

  4. adeshaies says:

    There is a better way to peel a prickly pear cactus than the way you did it. It’s a lot easier as well. Just cut off the two end parts of the fruit, but don’t take off to much.Make a deep enough cut vetically (end to end), and the biggest portion of the fruit should easily roll out of it’s skin. There should be a video on youtube demonstrating it.

  5. tasha777 says:

    u are awesome raw model

  6. piscopokiki says:

    Malta (europe) is overflowing with prickly pear – didn’t eat them much cos i heard all the seeds in them as bad for digestion! But, now I will def. try this! Thank You, your recipes are lovely!!

  7. PrizerebelSuper says:

    aloe plant is the best plant on earth to me,i got that in my backyard hahaha=D

  8. purewonka says:

    I made this today but with a mango instead of the prickly pear, and I didn’t use water. I had never eaten aloe before today. It was a bit odd in consistency but delicious with the mango. Making the filet was a lot of fun. After I made it I went back to the store to buy more aloe leaves. They aren’t expensive; and, apparently, this stuff is amazingly healthy to take internally.

  9. Seedcovers says:

    I love pure aloe on the skin, the smoothie however is interesting.

  10. I just discovered you today, ur my new favorite person-where in the world are men bred like u! XOXO

  11. I will try this!

  12. “I rub it on my face” omg haha good stuff XD i might just try that…

  13. You are right. I stood next to a kettle on the floor many years ago. My foot was burned by the steam that came out from the kettle on the floor. I used the aloe vera to rub on the scar of my feet twice a day. After a few months, the scar was gone.

  14. ninnaeus says:

    Another great vid, thanks for the info!

  15. earthmammabear says:

    Yummy…….aloe is great stuff. It must be good for the skin, because your skin is perfection. Good video, thanks for sharing a new way to incorperate this valuable plant. I will try this as soon as my neighbors cactus puts out it’s fruit. Peace, and blessings.

  16. mooney47 says:

    What does aloe taste like?

  17. angelmagick says:

    Totally gotta try this! I found you via Welikeitraw. Thanks for sharing good stuff!

  18. cellulitelove says:

    eeeeeeeeeek. bitter.

  19. cellulitelove says:

    gasp! agave hehe. I used to be a sucker for agave but more raw foodists are learning about the truth about it. This vid is pretty old so I’m sure you’ve heard about its controversy by now. I have so much aloe vera in my back yard! I will try an aloe smoothie soon!

  20. Vegheadsrock says:

    Ya need anybody to lick that off you?

  21. 81Amberella says:

    Sweet vid. i recently noticed these at our grocers now i know what to do with them!

  22. youlosez says:

    I have never tried to eat aloe vera. I thought it was only for your skin to treat sunburns. I have a ton of them growing around my mailbox too lol. Too bad I don’t have any prickly pear around.

  23. nicole3469 says:

    haha, I was just doing that with the aloe today while making a smoothie with my vitmix!!!

  24. TEAandSURF says:

    Just discovered your channel. This is an awesome recipe! I’m going to try it for sure πŸ™‚

  25. Thanks for finally writing about >Desert Smoothie –
    That’s Right, Desert as in Sand! <Loved it!

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