Making a Harvey Wallbanger

Making a Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

The Harvey Wallbanger is quick and easy following this recipe. All you need is ice, vodka, orange juice, Galliano and an orange slice to make it pretty. Pour your Harvey Wallbanger into a nice highball glass and enjoy!



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  1. just2w4tch says:

    Galliano is French. It says so on the bottle.

  2. nah.. it was made by an italian, not a frenchman.

  3. Psychromorbidus says:

    Named after the Italian war hero, Maggiore Galliano and was originally concocted by Arturo Vaccari in 1896 in Italy. It is definitely a Italian liqueur but possibly has french influences. Tastes like bananas, which isn’t exactly Italian either.

  4. Robo6230 says:

    Galliano, fully known as Liquore Galliano L’Autentico, is a sweet herbal liqueur created in 1896 by Italian distiller and brandy producer Arturo Vaccari of Livorno, Tuscany. Vaccari named the spirit after Giuseppe Galliano, an Italian hero of the First ItaloEthiopian War at the end of the 19th century. Its vivid yellow color, currently derived from Tartrazine (a lemon-yellow azo dye), symbolized the Gold Rushes of the 1890s.

  5. Robo6230 says:

    and its vanilla flavoured btw

  6. @Robo6230 It’s primarily anise flavored.

  7. so its basically a screwdriver with galliano…

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