Making a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

peach fruit smoothieHigh Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

Here’s a great way to enjoy the taste of a peach fruit smoothie while adding the benefits of a protein shake.

Starting with the goodness of skim milk, peach slices and frozen strawberries makes this a healthy smoothie, chock full of vitamins and fiber. A packet of single-serving fruit powder adds flavor and sweetness to the strawberry peach fruit smoothie without adding calories. Top it off with some EAS 100% Vanilla Whey Protein Powder to make this a post workout shake.

But one of the best portions of this video is the use of a true Smoothie Maker instead of a blender. With a Smoothie Maker, the smoothie is poured into a cup using the power of the blades. The bottom-fed spout ensures you get more of your smoothie into your cup, reducing waste. This video shows this better than an other I’ve seen.

High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie Products


Enjoy a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie today!

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  1. Powerbarsz says:

    thanks those are some good ideas

  2. kawright1005 says:

    OMG! I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. Tomorrow I will be stopping off to get the benefiber and some wylers. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Dallas197653 says:

    wow,I really want to try that.

  4. fairyluver says:

    I actually really like the EAS, and don’t have the flatulence issues you’re talking about, lol. Maybe you’re just particularly gassy or something? :oP

  5. lkaskandweanswer says:

    Check pout the video response! PLEASE comment/rate/subscribe

  6. CedarRapidsPK says:

    this looks really good, thanks for sharing the info with me!

  7. PinKsTar2824 says:

    Would you recommend this smoothie to have it for breakfast if I’m planning on loosing weight?

  8. Sounds like the baby had a red bull himself!!! hahah cute

  9. @GioDaddy19 taco bell makes you do that too!

  10. stiflersmomishot says:

    noo creep.. but what kind of blender is that. LMAO.

  11. LilBulldogJunior says:

    damnit,i never even thought of putting whey protein into my fruit shake…now i will :))))

  12. fairyluver says:

    @LilBulldogJunior Yay!

  13. fairyluver says:

    @PinKsTar2824 I did these to lose weight, so definitely.

  14. VanHausen12345 says:

    looks good, keep up the work, and @oceanfront2, go do some exercise loser

  15. @VanHausen12345 Thank you! ;o)

  16. @stiflersmomishot it’s a fruit juice blender…… we have it here…. you actually blend fruits (chopped and blend and pour it like she did !

  17. lovelydiva06 says:

    can you use 1 or 2% milk instead cause i don’t skim milk

  18. Robert13garcia says:

    that looks good;)

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