Making a Madras Vodka Drink

Madras Vodka Drink

Madras Vodka Drink

Laura Joy blends vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice to make a Madras Vodka Drink. Stirred, not shaken, please!


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  1. catbearlol says:

    talk slower, can u explain how to pour the juices into the glass? i dont get it.

  2. froggyoggy says:

    i hope your being sarcastic catbearlol

  3. Perfect!!

  4. JumpOffTheTWarf says:

    Wrong ::buzzzzz:: not enough ice and Madras means to bleed. it’s spose to be a screwdriver laced with cranberry juice to look like the screwdriver is bleeding. too little ice, too much cranberry. Maybe you should lay off the drinks hun.

  5. Drsatan6669 says:

    OH MAN… im trying to make this…but i NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT THING U USED TO STIR THOSE JUCIES???????

  6. rosehipsforu says:

    I thought so too. lol

  7. bobwatters says:

    she counts a little to slow

  8. hondatuner816 says:

    thats way more then an ounce, not like id complain but id measure that. looks like 3oz lol but thats how i like it haha

  9. Remixes4life says:

    It looks like she lost some kind of bet, and that, as humiliation, she had to stand in front of the camera acting like an idiot. I think that anybody can bartend better than her, and she even claims to be a bartender….

  10. Chronokinetic says:

    lol she says the same thing in her videos and talks slowly and awkward. but she’s pretty good tho the way she stirs is correct, back of the spoon against glass one-handed

  11. lhamilton020 says:

    @Drsatan6669 pour the juices at the same time

  12. brenyboy26 says:

    @Remixes4life it looks like she is kinda being held up at the same time, like someone is underneath her pointing a gun at her, very ackward.

  13. How to make ICE 4m VODKA

  14. lifepod2036 says:

    My fav drink. I understand it’s called Madras because of the silk sold in India with the same name (It’s pronounced Mad-Ross)

  15. lifepod2036 says:

    also; in the 80s, we called this drink a “Cross dresser:” but that name was taken and they had to change the name.

  16. economicadvantages says:

    ya she likes to to count… how many times her doctor gave her mental exams

  17. goofy girl but thanks for the videos

  18. Bling4assasin says:

    fill w ice so you the vodka so the juice’s last u more

  19. gottloski says:

    how does one bartend in L.A. when it takes them 2 minutes and 4 seconds to make a simple madras?

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